The Kingdom of Demetrios is one of the 8 playable factions in the Demetrios Poliorketes mod(and the namesake if you haven't noticed already).

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Demetrios starts with control of Macedonia, a large portion of the Peloponnese and many Aegean islands, other directly or through his 5 client states. His vasaals are generally loyal, excluding Athens who can be a bit dodgy at times if you are not careful He starts at war with Lysimachos, Ptolemaios and the smaller Boiotian League. Apart from his starting wars, the Peloponnese is a volatile region, as both Sparta and Messenia have very bad relations with Demetrios, due to his past endeavours there.

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Demetrios didn't get his nickname for no reason. Due to his notable efforts at the Siege of Rhodes in 304 B.C. he therefore gets buffs when it comes to attacking walled settlements. Being relentless when on the offensive, he can inspire his troops better when it comes to offensive battles. However as he was not the most prudent of persons and not exactly the best at executing campaigns, he is more susceptible to agent actions.

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Demetrios' roster contains many core units of Greek factions (Hoplites, Pikemen, the classic skirmishers etc) and the Macedonian Elite units (Companion Cav, Foot Companions, Shield Bearers, Royal Peltasts). The units that are unique to him are Paionian Swordsmen and Paionian Cavalry, as well as the Heavy Field Onager, incase you really really really want to destroy all walls that are infront of you.


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+Varied and powerful unit roster
+Very strong economy from the start, with many regions controlled and 5 client states
+Great in the offensive
-Spread out starting position with many open fronts
-Effectively surrounded by Pyrrhos and Lysimachos
-Limited diplomatic options, apart from the vassals not a lot of factions like you