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Thread: New diplomacy after Ajax & Diomedes DLC patch

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    Default New diplomacy after Ajax & Diomedes DLC patch

    I found that with Achilles I was a lot of the time in the bad books, especially after crossing Agamemnon after he took one of the settlements I had been campaigning for, completely ignoring the coordination targets I had set up for him and for my other allies. Since then, with disorder among the Achaeans and everyone going off to fight everyone, I had been waiting for nearly 60 game turns for my reliability rating to return to normal so I can solidify some sort of an alliance again and restart the campaign against Troy. With the release of the new patch with the DLC, giving gifts became ridiculous. Even assuming your faction's reliability rating is 0, you need to spend 1000 food for 1 point of improvement in the friendliness ratings of just one ally. Friends are losing, up to several tens of points per campaign turn from mid-game onward, so you'd need tens of thousands of food donations per single ally just to keep their attitude from not decreasing. Disaffected former allies are down hundreds of points from where you want to see them before you launch the campaign against Troy. They would need hundreds of thousands of food each for tens of game turns. How do you do it?

    To me it seems diplomacy has become entirely pointless. What do you need diplomacy for, if you cannot hold together alliances? It was annoying already you had to spend several minutes per game turn handing out gifts just to discourage those on your camp from quarrelling with each other. Have I missed something? Ideas are welcome. I have totally lost my enthusiasm for the game.
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    Default Re: New diplomacy after Ajax & Diomedes DLC patch

    If you attack another Danaan pillar faction (assuming you've accepted the call to fight Troy), I think you get huge penalties from the other Danaan pillar factions. As long as you keep fighting common enemies, don't fight your own people and generally don't do actions that will make allies like you less, I find the diplomacy works alright. Then after doing this for a while you can get the regions you wanted from confederating allies.
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    That is not what bothers me, I was improving my relations. But once the new diplomacy hit in, that is no longer possible and my relations that were converging with the other Danaans began to deteriorate impossibly fast, just because gifts made no difference any more. Maybe diplomatic gifts work if you start a new campaign but certainly not with the old campaign. Simply nothing happens when you give gifts. I don't have the economy to give gifts of tens of thousands per turn per faction, if that is how it works now, if gifts make any difference at all. That old campaign is degenerating into chaos, unless someone has a solution.
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