Hey everybody. I thought of this challenge a few years ago but I've since then, modified it. In this challenge, you are required to use Wardogs and Mercenaries wherever applicable to save Roman lives. Since Wardogs and Generals Units regenerate, they are considered units that cannot die unless their human counterparts or main units are killed.

In terms of saving Roman lives, you must record your battles, record your after battle reports and tally up at the end of the campaign, your total lost lives non regenerating units inclusive (these units regenerate, but the dogs and people still die.)

Tally how many dogs in your campaign have died as well as how many people.

When you complete the campaign, write up an AAR and post it on twcenter.net.

-Use Wardogs for the majority of your fights whenever you can
-Use general units to minimize killing innocent Romans
-Use mercenaries wherever applicable to minimize killing innocent Romans and you must use these units first with the dogs unless you might otherwise lose the battle.
-Army compositions must consist of at least 2-4 units of wardogs but can be all wardogs.


Here are the battle statistics tallies:

Battle 1
Deaths: 25 People
Cumulative Deaths: 25 People
Dog Deaths:N/A

Battle 2
Deaths: 30 People
Cumulative Deaths: 55 People
Dog Deaths: N/A

Battle 3
Deaths: 9 People
Cumulative Deaths:64 People
Dog Deaths: 24

Battle 4
Deaths: 103 People
Cumulative Deaths: 167 People
Dog Deaths:112 dogs

Battle 5
Deaths: 227 People
Cumulative Deaths: 394 People
Dog Deaths:N/A

Battle 6
Deaths: 14 People
Cumulative Deaths: 408 People
Dog Deaths:N/A

Battle 7
Deaths: 250 People
Cumulative Deaths: 658 People
Dog Deaths:160?
Cumulative Dog Deaths:184?