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Thread: Crowfall - Throne War MMO

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    Default Crowfall - Throne War MMO

    Anybody is following or playing Crowfall?

    It's an upcoming PvP MMO with an emphasis on strategy, alliances, sieges, politics, etc.

    Alpha is set to begin shortly and will feature GvG campaigns, caravans, city building, refineries and a host of other features.

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    The game has entered its Closed Beta phase in August and players have seen many improvements to the build and new additions. Crowfall now has a full game loop and most of the systems are in.

    Here's a video showing the game world (most post-process effects have been disabled in-game though):

    Some PvP :

    ps: Crowfall contains gruesome elements like sacrifices to the gods, grave digging, necromancy and decapathons.

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