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    Hey there,

    I witnessed several times in all of my campaigns that the AI shows this weird behavior. Some factions stop recruiting new generals and units. I observed this quite some times with no fog mods and lots of patience and I dont get why they wont. They have enough money, free army slots and they are threatened by war. Especially rome likes to become ghandi after they had lost several of their armies in battles.

    Do you know this problem? Is there anything to be done about it?


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    I've similiar observation from my campaigns but it's not like AI doesn't recruit any troops at all (I've checked it using SaveParser) but at some point the recrutation is slowing down and it is especially when AI is at war and - like you said - lost its armies. Maybe the AI doesn't have any new charakters (generals) to rise new armies? But it's only speculation because I don't have any idea if there is some kind of restriction for AI in this matter.

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    I haven't seen that much except for rebel faction, which actually didnot recruit any units for some reason (I think it was saka or rukha either one of them) which saved my campaign

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    The AI does do this sometimes, often they have some background calculation about being safe or having enough but its wrong or just not nearly as aggressive as a player.

    Also, its weird, but changing the turn watching settings for a couple turns can help. The one that shows AI moves from off to Limited and then back a few turns later. Often that jump starts them when they get stuck.

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