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Thread: A quick question in regards to the Seleucids and future updates.

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    Default A quick question in regards to the Seleucids and future updates.

    Apologies if its a duplicate thread, but will there be any scripts/features in a future update that tackles the Dynastic drama of later Seleucid history?

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    Default Re: A quick question in regards to the Seleucids and future updates.

    I'm interested in this too, but also extending it to the entire hellenistic world. I know it's not possible for a child to become faction leader, at least without modding. Perhaps making an unproven hellenistic ruler be elected (low authority, non-royal, low influence) should make opportunists take their chances. I'm thinking Ptolemy V (child) and Seleucus III (unproven). I'd be happy with characters having apparent loyalty when a decent leader is up, but unexpectedly making a power grab the moment there isn't one. Maybe even defecting to another hellenistic faction that you are at war with, instead of simply going rebel. Hidden traits that are like "ambition for the thone" or "looking to defect", that depends whenever the character is selfish and how happy he is with his status relating to his abilities. If he's too good and his skills are not recognised, he'll want to switch paymaster.

    Another suggestion is to differentiate hellenistic factions a bit more in this matter. For example macedon was ruled by several dynasties before the antigonids held a firm grasp on it, while the ptolemids had a divine origin set on from the onset. It would be a lot easier from a successful non dynastic antigonid general to win battles and rebel to claim the crown, echoing pyrrhus and lysymachus. I think it would be much harder for a successful ptolemaic general to appoint himself basileus, like he would need to use a puppet ptolemy at least, like some of the advisors did historically.

    I know that the hellenistic concept of basileia is very different than what a western medieval king is, so things like no primogeniture (brother wars), having to constantly prove that you have the divine inspired gift to lead armies to victory (harsh penalties for low authority), and dynastic being more a custom than a hard rule. M2TW is set up more for medieval kingship, but some changes can be made to resemble more hellenistic customs (being proclaimed by the troops).

    There could be baseline hellenistic rules, but then also specific tweaks that apply to each hellenistic faction. Macedon could be less corrupt and more down to earth, but the throne would be a more up for grabs for all competent macedonians. Similar for Epirus, giving how young the kingdom is. The ptolemids or seleucids could be more corrupt, but non dynastic generals would have a much harder time going after the throne. Pontus could have some specifics dealing with eunuchs and more persian customs.
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    Default Re: A quick question in regards to the Seleucids and future updates.

    Non-dynastic Seleucid generals tried to assume power multiple times (Tryphon, Timarchus, Molon), I think overambitious satraps should be the biggest problem for the seleucids, and disloyal brothers, maybe a trait that reduces the rebellious general's movement range almost completely, and adds unrest to the region in an effort to ensure that the settlement will rebel.

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