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    From your campaign experiences, which settlements or cluster of settlements generate significant amounts of wealth ?

    From mine so far:
    • Western Anatolia and eastern Hellas + Pella
    • Cluster of Baktria, Paparomissdai, Alexandria Margane, Alexandria Ariana, Maracandra.
    • Cluster of Susa, Seleukia, Persopolis, Ekbatana and the settlement in Gabine whose name I forgot ().
    • Antioch, Salamis and Akko.
    • Cluster of Alexandria Memphis, Thebes and Pleksis.
    • All of Italia proper.
    • Karthadast and all of Sicily.

    Anywhere else?

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    Transalpine Gaul has got a strip of good mines from Bibactre in the west to Streuintia in the east. Sadly those regions are landlocked

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    There are a few extra that I neglected to add to my previous list:
    • Dardanion (A nice long term acquisition for Makedonia)
    • Epidamnos/Dyrrachium (Useful for any power in Hellas)
    • Armavir (Crucial for Hayastan to keep and develop)
    • Kabula (Good mines and sound stretegic location but a pain to keep for anyone except the Getai ?)
    • All of India (Especally Patala and Opiana)
    • Hekatompylos (Very hard to develop for anyone except Pahlava, Saka Rauka, Pontos and Hayastan)
    • Delminion (Good mines but hard to develop as it is a camp)
    • Rekem, Tadmur (when both are converted to settlements) and Dedan once heavily developed (Most relevant to Nabataea).

    ps: The name of the settlement that I had forgotten was Gabiene.

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    i played many a campaign (though admittedly none of them as Rome, so cant judge Italian wealth) and one of the richest if not the richest spots is the cluster of cities in western Asia Minor: Pergamon, Sardis, Ipsos, Nikiai, Ephesus, Halicarnasos. once you upgrade economic infrastructure there, and mines in particular, you are unstoppable and can field armies that match those of factions twice, thrice your size. a very solid economic core for an empire, not to mention the fact that phalangites are also recruitable there.

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