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    Steam version

    This is a small submod for redistributing resources in certain parts of the map. Because this submod edits the Startpos, you must start a new campaign in order to see the new resource locations. It is fully compatible with DeI 1.2.7b


    1. Tanais - copper changes to grain. This simulates the historically important role of this province as a major grain exporter.

    2. Phasis - this region previously had no resources. I moved copper here so that it is still available in this part of the map, while making this province more desirable. While there is a history of copper mining in the Caucasus Mountains, this decision was largely driven by gameplay considerations.

    3. Corsica - fish changes to iron. This simulates the rich hematite deposits from the island of Elba (near to Corsica), which were a major source of high quality iron for Rome. This also makes this province much more desirable.

    4. Agrigentum - iron changes to fish. This reinforces the food production and export ability for Sicily. This also keeps the starting resource allocation very similar to base DeI.

    5. Saguntum - olives change to silver. This simulates the rich Spanish silver mines which were so essential to Iberian, Carthaginian, and Roman industrial development in Spain. This makes Hispania a more desirable industrial or commercial province.

    6. Toletum - this region previously had no resources. I moved olives here so that they are still available in this part of the map, while making Baetica into the agricultural production center which it held historically.

    7. Iska - changes fish to gold. This simulates the rich gold deposits exploited throughout the Bronze and Iron Age in Cornwall. Isotopic analysis shows that many of the most spectucular golden artifacts unearthed in Western Europe were made from Cornish gold. This also puts a gold source in a port, which allows for rapid exporting, which is especially critical for factions such as Carthage which need gold to build high level mercenary barracks.

    8. Koria - this region previously had no resources. This simulates the rich salt mines in modern-day Austria and southern Germany, which were very valuable resources in the Iron Age. The Celtic Hallstatt culture is named after rich grave goods from Hallstatt, which derived much of its wealth from salt production and exportation.

    PS - this submod includes the modified victory conditions submod (since they are both Startpos mods).
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    Thanks for the mod

    Could you change Thessaly (in game has another name, in the files it was pharsalus i think) in makedonia to horses? it was famous for that and cattle rearing but there are olives instead

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    Great ideas here, will definetly download it and try it. But as a matter of fact i feel compelled to say that the Elba isle is far nearer to the tuscan coast (5NM) than it is to corsica (36NM). It is in fact the larger isle in the tuscan arcipelago. From an historical/geographical point of view it would be better to give the iron resource to arretium, even on the campaign map the isle is part of that region, but i perfectly undestand your choice and feel that your decision is far better for gameplay reasons.

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    Very well done Sertorius!

    Maybe set iron in Arretium, grain to Corsica-Sardinia and wine in Agrigentum or Panormus? Along with Sicily even Sardinia was a major harvesting province for the Early Republic, before the conquest of Africa.

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    As far as Thessalian horses are concerned... This is a deliberate gameplay design decision which is there to limit the availability of powerful horses. Additionally, if you play as Macedon, you can build a horse structure in Thessaly which will give you access to the Horse resource.
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    Yes, I considered that, but Latium is already ridiculously strong. Additionally, I wanted to make Rome have to go get iron, because they are already incredibly powerful. And, I wanted to make a change which would not hurt Carthage’s starting position. This also really buffs an overwise wretchedly bad 2-region province. And, I think Sicily will be better as a dedicated food province.

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    Solid Mod Hoss

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    Great mod

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    Great mod Olmsted. Also a possible change may be placing Gold in Gallaecia in North West Hispania. It was an important, if not the main, gold mining spot for the romans.

    You can check some info in the wiki link.

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    Gonna give this mod a go once the new update is out of beta, cool idea.

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    Suggestion: add copper deposits to the major tin mining sites of the ancient world, as tin was even rarer than copper yet just as necessary necessary for the making of bronze for arms and armor. I would move the gold north to Moridunon in Wales proper to match the location of the Dolaucothi mines, move the iron inland to Rattae, and replace the gold at Iska with copper. As tin was also mined in Brittany by the Romans, I would move the wood at Namnetum east to Iuliobona and place copper at Namnetum instead. Yes, this would make Britannia quite a wealthy province, but since the Romans mined the hell out of that place historically...

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