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Thread: Character Loyalty and Traitors

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    Icon4 Character Loyalty and Traitors

    Let me start by saying this, I am grateful for all that has been done to create this amazing mod!
    This is not a complaint, this a suggestion, I am proposing we should consider this for further development of this mod.

    I have been playing for 100 turns, avoiding conflict, using diplomacy, developing my cities and creating savings.
    Strategy works, it's quite possible to stack money this way and prepare for a BLITZ campaing.
    Now, please don't attack me and say it is not meant to be played that way... any one of us can play and implement tactics any way we want.
    Please focus on my questions below... don't advise me on how to play.
    Again... not a complaint, simply a suggestion for future version... better AI.

    So, after long period of building up savings, I created 8 armies... 8 full stacks.
    At this point my PURSE is staring to decline, and it should, its expensive.
    But savings are large, I am nowhere near negative balance or bankruptcy.
    No soldier will miss their pay, or food, or anything else.

    I am sitting at the end of the boot... most southern part of ITALIAN coast.
    This regions has beeen controlled by me since begining of the game... it's definietlly HOME TURF!
    All my forces are next to each other waiting to board ships, gonna roll thru AFRICA!
    Not Chartage, I already own Chartage and Utica... but the rest of the AFRICA.

    Suddenly, while 8 stacks sit next to each other, one of them becomes TURNCOAT!
    Not auxilary forces... all stacks are built out of balanced ROMAN FORCES... PRINCEPS, TRIARI, HASTATI, VELITES, EQUITES and everyone of them is commanded by a ROMAN CHARACTER.
    You can't even build these forces, but in the most loyal provinces of the early Republic!

    Well, I obviously destroy the rebels as they are surrounded by 7 other stacks.
    However, next turn another stack turns over and changes sides.

    They are on HOME TURF!
    They are surrounded by 7 other stacks of ROMAN soldiers!
    None of them are AUXILARY forces or MERCENARIES.
    All of them are commanded by ROMAN characters.

    Here is my questions:
    1. Why such flip on home tuf... not far away in AFRICA or ASIA or GAUL?

    2. Even if they wanted to rise as rebels or take power from senate and become a dictator, they are surrounded 7 to 1... who would be crazy to do that?

    3. How come when they turn, they keep full stacks? Really? Every soldier is on board? None had to be purged to secure power? None deserted?

    4. How come it happens 2 turns in a row?

    Anyway... there is got to be a better way to implement such instances of trachery or attemps to take power!
    This one simply don't make sense.
    Any thoughts?

    I love you guys!

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    Default Re: Character Loyalty and Traitors

    Show us screenshots of each of the characters who rebelled, moving down the arrow to display all their traits. Also show your faction leader and all of his traits.
    Those are the things that matter, everything else you mentioned isn't relevant.
    1. There isn't a significant difference between rebelling in home or abroad, this is part of the engine.
    2. Same, the game doesn't account for it, or does in such a small way to be non noticeable.
    3. It's the character who rebels, and all his soldiers follow him. The soldiers aren't considered characters themselves, so they'll do whatever the commander does. This is hardcoded, unless you go the way of Dots (don't) and make every unit a character.
    4. This is arguably very bad luck, so the most likely explanation is that your FL authority is low or both of those characters were already selfish and untrustworthy.
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    Default Re: Character Loyalty and Traitors

    Quote Originally Posted by Hellenikon View Post
    3. It's the character who rebels, and all his soldiers follow him. The soldiers aren't considered characters themselves, so they'll do whatever the commander does. This is hardcoded, unless you go the way of Dots (don't) and make every unit a character.
    AFAIK the units that don't have slave in the ownership will get deleted instead of rebelling. But in EBII, every, or almost every unit has it.

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    Wait, region does not affect how likely your troops are to rebel? I've had plenty of captains rebel when in enemy territory in M2TW, not so much in mine.
    Anyway I'm pretty sure rebellions are abstracted and random. You can kinda influence it with your faction leader's authority, and not letting generals with bad loyalty lead. On top of that, Rome in particular is just shafted when it comes in regards to Authority. I'm not sure why, probably has to do something with being a republic while other nations are represented as more centered a single leader?

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