I've created a new profile on the .ORG but I realised the .ORG is dead (a far cry from a decade ago when I used to play 1.2), so here it is. I've posted this and I want your opinions.

"I've made this roster based upon the musings and research of another member who some time ago made for 2.2r a (more or less) historically accurate and well researched roster for Gallic factions. I've updated and improved this one for the Boii, to reflect Boii AOR, and I can tell you that's a battle winning army.

So here are the details anyway:

... So, your thoughts? I'll later create one for the Romani, too. But so far I've been very successful, and since not many templates have been produced for Celtic factions in EB2, I thought I might share this little contribution of mine."