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Thread: How is your The Twisted & The Twilight campaign going?

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    Default How is your The Twisted & The Twilight campaign going?

    I'm having a lot of fun playing as the Sisters of Twilight in Mortal Empires. Heir of Carthage described their Mortal Empires campaign well when he said that they're like a horde campaign with bases (in the major forest regions). I'm enjoying playing a campaign which isn't about painting the map your colour, instead you're defending the major forest regions and making hit and run attacks (both on the campaign map and battlefield).

    Their roster reminds me a bit of Cimmeria in Rome 2 (one of my favourite factions), they can use a good defensive line (Dryads > Tree Kin > Treemen) with great archers on foot and horeseback. Of course, the Sisters have more options (compared to Cimmeria), for example you can leave out the defensive infantry and use their damage-dealers instead (Wardancers and Bladesingers) and of course you have flying units and magic. For archers, I like the way that you can go for cost-effective Glade Guard or vanguard-deployable Deepwood Scouts. You can choose an army which is almost all (or possibly all) vanguard-deployable, so your units can deploy around the flanks of the enemy.

    The extra features for this faction (compared to other Wood Elf factions) are fun, too - such as the quest for the forest dragon mount and the magic missile spell for your Hawk Riders (which makes them into a flying slow-to-reload artillery unit, as Heir described them). On the other hand, are Hawk Riders with the Arrow of Kurnous too powerful? Would it be better if this ability was still effective against enemy artillery, but a bit less effective against enemy infantry?

    Are you playing as a Woof Elf faction since The Twisted the The Twilight, or as Throt the Unclean? Do you have any tips for other players? I like taking over the Bowmen of Oreon's Camp. The bonus to unit experience was helpful and the long, narrow valley to the east of Oreon's Camp is a good place to ambush your enemies. It also provided a useful base when the Dark Elves confederated into one faction, especially after the High Elves (with my help) removed the Dark Elves from their northern strongholds and they fell back to the regions in the south-east corner of the campaign map which Malus Darkblade starts with.

    Do you have ideas about how the Forge of Daith could be improved? I like the dilemma where you're offered the Witstealer sword (a very nifty magic weapon which comes with a disadvantage on the campaign map, as it spreads Chaos corruption). I wonder if the Forge could offer a similar dilemma, so that instead of being offered a small upgrade to a magic item or a better upgrade that only lasts five turns, we could have a choice between a regular magic item (or an upgrade to it) or a special magic item which comes with a debuff, like this:

    Choose between ...

    Bow of Kurnous
    -15% Reloading time
    +10% Missile damage


    Bow of Khaine
    +20% Range
    +25% Missile damage
    Adds poison attacks
    -50 to relations with all High Elf factions
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