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Thread: 3K Rigged Custom Model Import [New, better demo pics]

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    Default 3K Rigged Custom Model Import [New, better demo pics]

    The RMEditor FBX to RMV2 model importer function now works for 3K, making it fast and easy to import custom models. (NO CA tools needed, and Blender/Maya/3ds Max or than 2018 can be used for edits)
    This model+skeleton was exported to FBX, then converter back to RMV2 with RMEditor FBX to RMV2 model importer function
    This will work for both edited vanilla models, and fully custom models.

    The version of RMEditor with this feature will be released soon, once I/we deem it 100% bug free

    If you have any questions, write here (on TWC), or for realtime answers, I have channel on Discord (CnC Modding Den - #phazer_tools) here:

    Here is an example where I (who am NOT an artist) have made made some edit to the models, then converted it using the new (yet to be released) RMEditor 0.9.8a:

    Here I edit a 3K Vanilla model with 3ds max (Maya and Blender work too):

    Here the the model from the above image is being tested in game (has been imported):

    Imported Model in-game, WITH textures:

    Imported Model in-game, withOUT textures:

    I have made a test, in the RME 3K Renderer, comparing the original vanilla model (RMV2, directly from the game) with a model from the RME (game) RMV2+ANIM -> FBX - > RMV2 converter "workflow":

    (The RME 3K rendering is far from perfect atm, but the model images a captures with the exact same rendering view settings).

    They are they same right? Or at least very very close?

    I have also solved the material issue for custom models, if it was not already solved? The "material map" texture contains the following channels:
    red: "metalness", pbr parameter, mask that mark out what should be treated at metal-like by the PBR renderer
    blue: not used
    red: "roughness", pbr parameter, kind of self explanatory
    alpha: a static Ambient Occlusion map. This map can be generated with Substance Painter, and other tools, using the model and a proper normal map (properly the blue version of the normal map will have to be used).
    (maybe this can also just be all = 1.0 (white) or low, but the final render will be much less interesting/detailed.

    The final "go into game" normal map needs to be in the "orange format", I have a tool for that inside RME.-

    You can mix all these channels using BOB, to get the proper textures, in theory, but I have heard there are issues with that, so maybe I will a tool for this.
    You CAN also mix that channels with Photoshop,

    Another thing is that 3K using a special format for base color textures, and some color "distortion" can happen if you load a vanilla texture and save it anything other then BC7, which
    might not even be 100% correct. To save DDS in the really correct format you need command line tool Texconv.exe, thought it might not be needed.
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