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Thread: Sweboz campaign discussion

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    300 a turn, per stack lead by a FM, without moving, on a valid raiding terrain (informing fertility), in a settlement with at least level 1 farming. The amount of devastation or stack size has no effect. But from personal experience I can attest you can set up a nice infrastructure from raiding money if you put most of your family members into it.

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    Not recommended due to the low starting authority of the initial Sweboz FL. Those family members would defect within a few turns.

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    Try with the higher loyalty members or after solidifying the leader's authority.

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    Even more valuable feedback; thanks guys. Does anyone else feel that authority and rebelling generals are not a very valuable design choice in retrospect, although it probably had a good intention of increasing immersion? To me it seems like a chore and the outcome of family members and generals turning bandits as soon they're out on the field does not sound very realistic. No matter how I try to see it, I would like that mechanism to be removed.
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    You can disable character rebellion by opening descr_strat.txt and finding rebelling_characters_active​ and commenting it out with a semicolon

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    Hard/Normal is the only difficulty I ever play at and I'm comfortable with it.
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