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Thread: I share my Reshade preset

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    Icon1 I share my Reshade preset

    For any fellow SSHIP player which may not be using Reshade yet and could be interested, I tried to keep it basic, It's mainly a color correction and some light.

    You may also enable HDR, FilmGrain, HexLensFlare, ADOF and SMAA (They are set but disabled), but the current settings are a little off, so perhaps you'd have to tweak them a bit, but I remember I left them in a useful starting position.

    Also, some loading screens get oversaturated because the preset is tweaked over battles/campaign, but if enough people download it I may correct that in the future.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Also, this one speeds up animations (therefore unit responsiveness also, but it's still not instantaneous) and movement speed, battles feel more alive and charges more epic, if you haven't already tried it yourself, I offer mine. You can further tweak it to taste as well of course :


    Moreover, I find the game even harder with these values, beware of enemy knights! you'll probably have to learn to react faster. It can speed up your battles, but if you don't want that you can always increase the melee-hit rate separately.
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    Default Re: I share my Reshade preset

    Personally I like the look of the current game as well as its colors.

    When leading a fight on the battlefield (except for a take or a city defense), I often reduce the game speed to 0.8 because I don't like to see my units running too fast, especially with all the military equipment every soldier carries with him !

    The advantage is a more realistic visual, slightly longer fights and more time for the player to admire the combat up close while having time to give orders to inactive units.

    The disadvantage is for horses which are sometimes really very slow.
    Towards the end of the battle, I often switch back to normal speed mode (1.0)

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    Default Re: I share my Reshade preset

    Sure, my settings are clearly based on personal preference, I didn't intend to mean otherwise. My fights are long and I have time to do close ups, personally I wouldn't trade "strategical" realism for animations in slow mo, but again, that's just me.

    The disadvantage is for horses which are sometimes really very slow.
    I remember TM's tweaks for 0.9.2 (in minimods) had an option for faster cav, perhaps there's a simple way to change that separately as well.
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