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Thread: Historical battle: Battle of Cerignola, 1503

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    Default Historical battle: Battle of Cerignola, 1503

    Battle of Cerignola.
    Only Spain is available to the player. Task: to defeat France, the Spanish General must survive.
    Cavalry can't gallop across a trench(regulated by scripts).
    The opening splash screen and messages in the battle are made with the help of an adviser. After loading the battle, wait 4-5 seconds for the script to configure the expert Advisor. All messages during the battle will be shown through the adviser, the method of submitting information should always be only subtitles, without voice accompaniment. After you read the message, click the red cross that removes the expert Advisor.

    Instruction manual.
    In the configuration file medieval2.preference.cfg, write the following settings:
    file_first = true

    In the properties of the config file, mark "read-only"

    Download the archive, unpack, copy and replace the "data" folder to the M2TW root folder.

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    Default Re: Historical battle: Battle of Cerignola, 1503

    text of the adviser and description of the battle in English

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