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Thread: Mamlakat nabataea campaign tips.

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    Default Mamlakat nabataea campaign tips.

    I have to state out that the Nabataean faction trait of decreasing Empire maintenance is huge on hard-very hard campaigns.

    I have taken all the Arabia, Egyptians, and Medewi into my lands. Imperium is level IV.
    I have production going on in every province, all of my general's governors have 3 levels of empire maintenance trait, all of the agent governors as well, there are two libraries in my faction. I am gathering all the empire maintenance traits I can.

    And... I still have... %-62. I can only feed two medium-quality full-stack armies, with the third one I would bankrupt. Production is going well, trade is only possible with one or two factions anyway, since I have wiped out every other desert nomad.

    I would like to know what to do about this point. Is the Nabatean faction somehow not allowed to become an empire in the grand campaign?

    Here is the link if you would like to check out.

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