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Thread: Meroe Royal Cavalry question

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    Default Meroe Royal Cavalry question

    Hello people!
    Just starting a Meroe campaign, trying to restore the glory of ancient Egypt!
    Checking their roster, I realized that one of their cavalry units, the meroe royal cavalry (Safe MreŽke) have the ability of fire whilst moving, but doesnŽt have any projectiles. Is this intended?

    As always, thank you for a great mod, guys

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    Default Re: Meroe Royal Cavalry question


    Sort of, attributes are assigned per unit group rather than by specific unit. Creating groups with a bit more abilities like fire while moving allow to have much less attribute groups and make our lives easier
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    Default Re: Meroe Royal Cavalry question

    Oooh I see.
    Thank you KAM.

    BTW, IŽm having an unexpected amount of fun with the Meroe campaign. Instead of conquering Egypt right away, I expanded into Arabia Felix, after taking my main province. For the first time IŽm suffering lots of attrition because my poorly developed supply system, and lack of baggage trains. Taking Marib ended up being a game of attrition, followed by defending from a brave assault of the defenders of the city, which almost destroyed my army and killed my pharaoh, he only saved his ass because his spouse was reinforcing him (a great detail to have women general for Meroe).
    For real guys, IŽm trying to learn how to play CK3, but its impossible because every time I turn on the computer I end up playing DEI!

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    Default Re: Meroe Royal Cavalry question

    Meroe was always one of my fav alternative starts aswell.
    Keep enjoying DEI now!

    CK3 will only get better in the future anyways.

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    Default Re: Meroe Royal Cavalry question

    Those are wise words, my friend.

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    Default Re: Meroe Royal Cavalry question

    I have been waiting for the opportunity to compliment the DEI team on the updated Meroe roster. My last campaign I played as Saba and invaded Ethiopia, expecting the same roster of light troops I was used to from countless invasions as Ptolemaic Egypt. Instead I faced a brutal series of battles that has left my weakened army in a stalemate for the entire province - and that is even without any attrition since Saba seems to be immune to supply difficulties in the desert. I really am impressed with this new roster that Ethiopia possesses. They are dangerous now!

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