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    It's me again, I am sorry for the new thread, but I did not know how to edit my previous one, so I thought I'd start a new one, but with screenshots provided. This is my RTW install directory, versions of each add-on, shortcuts,... It's a non-steam, Win10 32-bit version.
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    P.S. I am able to enter the campaign mode, but as soon as I want to enter a battle I get a CTD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mijatusaurelius View Post
    I am sorry for the new thread, but I did not know how to edit my previous one
    You need 25 posts before being able to edit your post and that's a spamming measure.

    Should you need to edit your post then send a PM to the moderator, listed in the bottom of the forum your post is, and request editing your post. Or just do what you just did and that's to post another post, because later when a moderator check the forum your posts will be merged into one post. Of course you can always report your post with a reason of why a moderator need to edit your post.

    After looking at the pictures everything seems fine by me, except for one thing. Why do you have a shortcut for GameSpy or even install it in the first place? GameSpy doesn't exist anymore as it was shut down years ago.

    Your issue could be Windows 10 related and I don't use Windows 10 so I can't help you. Maybe someone else knows a solution for your issue.
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    I undersatnd and I apologize, I am new to the forum and if moderators could delete the old post, I'd be thankful.

    As of the question if it is my Win10 that causes trouble, how could I be able to start the campaign, etc.? Everything except play battles. I didn't grt an error when CTD happened.

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    The way I installed is made a clean install of all 3 game version, installed the 1.3 file, applied over Part 1 finale, made a shortcut to desktop, added the line in its properties, went ingame, started the campaign and went into battle when the crash happened. When the advisor popped out earlier I activated the script also. That's all I did, nothing else.

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    Try it without activating the script. That sometimes works. Otherwise you're just going to have to back out of the fight and try it again on another turn, on a different patch of land

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