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Thread: Which Faction am i?

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    Aghlabids maybe? I see that Chandax is attacking southern Greece, that's a great addition (if you don't play with them)

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    so i will most probably release the new alpha standalone this day together with the reveal of turn 133


    the answer is:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The Great Moravian Empire! - i think no one was correct this time...

    this was a very fun campaign and i really enjoyed it so far. croatia attack me at turn 45 and regularly invaded my border with low-level fullstacks. my economy just started and was able to upgrade some cities, when the first magyars fullstack conquered my first settlement- boom. every 2-3 turns a next city under siege with an epic fight. depending on the garrison i won half of the sieges. iīve recruited every usable unit and started counterattacks
    and was just 2 turns ready to conquer the last of my original settlements. iīve now walked straight to dudleby and praha to try to conquer this two settlements. frankish empire was a loyal ally, but they didnīt supported me much. venice conquered the former ERE settlement, which was early conquered from croatia.
    Bulgaria - a croatian ally was trying to declare war on my (diplomatic preasure) when the magyars hit them too. they suffered badly and it seems the danube bassin will see a new faction established.
    Serbia has many fullstacks, but is locked between itīs allies. Aghlabids preasured the romans out of sicily and hold naples + croton now. Roman rebel used the ERE/Bulrgarian tradewar to establish themselfs next to the chandax greek emirate. tulunids and abasids fight a war of attrition. Pechenegs are passiv, but establish themself slowly against the magyars remants, but are at war with kiev (my allies). both suffer greatly.

    as you can see in the military ranking - there are massiv wars ongoing and many battles reduce the manpower heavily. My money is short because of my need for massiv and proffesional manpower. i hope the conquering at the last nearby rebel settlements could provde me with enough resources.
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