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    Recently got a new computer and did a fresh install of EB II on it. However on the old one I had a campaign that I would really like to keep going with. Tried to just copy the save files from there at Medieval II Total War\mods\ebii\saves and unsurprisingly this did not work.

    Anyone have any idea how to do this? Would greatly appreciate any help, time is short and I don't wanna start from the beginning if it's possible to import that campaign.

    v2.35 on both.

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    That should work. That is what I did, just made a saves folder or save a campaign and put your save inside.

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    Fingers crossed on this for you.

    Welcome Aboard.

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    It may bug and not work if you have changed files of the mod in your saves. For instance if you removed a script or changed the number of soliders in a unit.

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