I'm having trouble adding victory conditions when editing startpos with ESF Editor (Version 1.4.5)

For the mod I'm creating, I want to enable all minor factions with custom victory conditions. I've been able to successfully change faction AI, faction colors, change minor factions to major, and other minor edits like that. However, when I attempt to add victory conditions to minor factions (For example, adding victory conditions to Venice or the Mughals, the editor will have a "Unhandled Exception Error" after saving. Then when I try to start the campaign, it will kick me back to the main menu.

I've been following the tutorials here https://www.twcenter.net/forums/show...D-startpos-esf

Again, changing existing values works just fine, but trying to add new victory conditions using the tutorials results in crashes.

Any ideas what could be causing this, how to fix the error, or if I need to use a different editor?

PS: I've tried Easy ESF but it doesn't seem to work anymore