Is it possible ? I've been trying to do it for this mod and for Totally Vanilla Beyond. Both mods have similar seeming recruitment systems.

I've been copying and pasting data from EDB end EDU on my working vanilla game to the mods data folder. Both mods will load the game with armoured sergeants "added". Neither mod will load the games menu screen when I add mounted longbowmen to the EDU.

I've read two threads on this subforum about adding units back but it seems no ones succeeded, at least for V5 of this mod. One of the threads mentions needing a "battle_models.modeldb" which theres a link to download, but that on its own did not allow the game to launch to a menu with mounted longbowmen listed in the EDU

I've looked in unit_sprites and unit_models and copied over the files that relate to mounted longbowmen (as far as I know, searching the folders on my vanilla games directory for mounted longbowmen).

I was playing vanilla totally beyond and just discovered that whilst armoured sergeants are listed in the barracks building they dont have an icon to click on to actually recruit a unit. Gonna test that in this mod too.

I'm reading about how to add a unit to the game from scratch now in the hope it will help me get mounted longbowmen and armoured sergeants into the mod but if anybody wants to tell me why its not working I would be super grateful.

Thanks for reading