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Thread: GPU upgrade question.

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    Default GPU upgrade question.

    Am considering upgrading my 1070 in the very near future. I am gaming at 4K with a i7-4790K, 16 GB ram, everything is on a SSD. I generally have no problems but always disable some bells and whistles like bloom, DOF and some others. What is a good upgrade from the 1070 without spending an arm and a leg? Was interested in a 2070 but not quite willing to dish out 700 for a GPU.

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    Wait for the RTX 3070 release on 29th Oct, that's in the 500$ range, and provides equivalent performance to 2080Ti (10%). That would be a good sensible purchase for 4K without crippling your wallet.
    And then later on you can sell your 1070, which is still a decent GPU in current times.

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    You have to have a balanced ecosystem, which means minimal bottlenecks at any point of the pipeline.

    In theory, thirty seventy with eight gigabytes; however, I don't think that's sufficient for this generation and a half.
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    Default Re: GPU upgrade question.

    Would it save money to choose AMD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AqD View Post
    Would it save money to choose AMD?
    We have yet to see AMD's retail price and performance\price per watt ratio for the RX 6000 series. We shall soon find out. Will post the results in this thread once they're released.

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    Irony would be if Intel becomes the budget option, which I actually expect in twenty twenty two, when Zen Four is available in retail. And they do plan to have discrete graphics.

    And if you mean Radeon, going by Lisa Su's track record and her handling of the Ryzen line now that the graphics division has her attention, there's a good chance that cost performance wise we won't be disappointed.

    Availability, whether Intel, nVidia or whoever, appears to be a separate issue.
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    But wait for third party reviews.

    There's some synergy between the new cards and B550 and X570 chipsets that will squeeze out some extra performance.

    I don't expect any price drops in the wake of the latest presentation, but Jensen may release more powerful variants or equipped with more memory.
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    Haha very glad to see AMD's roll this year. What a blast. Taking Intel and NVIDIA both at the same time.
    I think RTX 2000 series will definitely see a price cut now. Who TF would buy them now? When you got a 3070 and its Ti version coming on GA102.

    And yes, now Jensen may be forced to release Ti versions with more memory. Maybe they'll use TSMC 7nm die to counter power usage. I think those expensive coolers are hurting their profit margins even more and now they might be forced to push out a few more if other variants are released. Either way this time they can't get away with BS pricing like they did with RTX 2000 series.

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    Like I said, no used card is worth more than four hundred bux. Why would you pay five hundred bux for less than twelve gigabytes of memory?

    I'm not an engineer, but I've been told that nVidia would have to redesign the architecture, if they tried to move production from Korea to Taiwan, so for the current crop of cards, seems unlikely. The two thousand series were basically retail customers paying for the research and development completely, so way overpriced, compared to Sony and Microsoft doing us that favour over at the Red Team.

    I suppose mid and lower tier cards will get launched next year, and that has to be purely a marketing equation, as to what customers expect and will pay for at each dollar level. I asked my brother to look around, and he came up with one hundred fortyish for a Radeon Five Eighty with four gigabytes of memory, of which old stockpiles still exist, which is about as good as it gets for 1080p gaming.
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    Yes they would have to be really desperate to switch dies now. But it's surely going to happen in next generation. Would rehash 3000 series with even better marketing.
    Anyways this time around i'm more excited to see 3rd party benchmarks of AMD cards and how certain new stuff works in real time gaming. Particularly how they have used Infinity cache and lower bandwidth 256-bit instead of 320.

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    Default Re: GPU upgrade question.

    I think we've reached a point where there's little leeway to overclock, everyone's maxing out performance.

    Or in what appears with these Radeons, they went for cheaper options, but maxed out any potential margins of the separate components.

    At the moment, memory is cheap, but the type nVidia is using for thirty eighty and thirty ninety I'm told was custom made exclusively for them, much like the Vegas had special memory modules as well.

    I think I'm screwed: I probably will have to get a new Radeon sixty eight hundred, since currently nothing matches it in terms of cost performance, and I don't see second hand two thousand series at a price I think they're worth.
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    Yes the current market position is tricky to say the least. I'm a bit surprised RTX 2000s are still expensive. I'm waiting till March, 21 and hoping dust would settle by then.

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