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Thread: Putin: "Hack everything and everyone. All day, every day"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coughdrop addict View Post
    This is simply more proof that there can never be peace with Russia. We must fight them on every front, whether Syria, Ukraine, or cyberspace. Our very survival is on the line.

    Further, we should destroy Russia as a viable economy by sanctions and enacting the Green New Deal to shut off the burning of fossil fuels in 10-20 years. Their GDP and currency will plummet and their bonds, which are already a laughing stock of the world, will be basically worthless. Then let them starve.
    Sounds very similar to what a certain austere Austrian painter (as Washington Post journos would call him) said about the Jews.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cookiegod View Post
    You guys are remarkably happy about believing just about every claim your intelligence services throw at you. Well I've got WMD's in the Iraqi desert to sell to you. If they were a trustworthy good faith actor, they would not have built a toolset with the purpose of making their code look foreign. Any security expert worth their salt without skin in the game will tell you that malware attacks are usually not attributable.

    But sure. Enjoy your neoMcCarthyist reality where any attempts at rapprochement, and even on issues completely unrelated to Russia can be dealt with through "muh Russia".
    Given America's "intelligence community's" tendency to outright lie to the public while supporting foreign wars, terrorists, violent crime groups and brutal human rights violating regimes, I'd say that it makes sense to view their claims with skepticism and demand extraordinary proof for their extraordinary claims.
    hopefully, once Trump is re-elected he can clean up the mess that intelligence community is today and replace these corrupt groups with something less powerful and more focused on, well, intelligence gathering and analysis, and less on committing war crimes at the expense of taxpayer like they do now.
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