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Death of George Floyd and Subsequent Riots.

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The fact they applied for a warrant that doesn't require that you identify yourself as police is all the evidence i really need. The lawsuit the city settled for and the dropped charges against the boyfriend also support that.
I'm referring to the officers' criminal culpability (since the conclusion of the grand jury is what reignited interest in this case). Local authorities will typically be liable civilly if one of their officers wounds or kills an innocent bystander irrespective of whether any criminal negligence is involved.

On the point about the warrant, the officers cannot be held accountable for executing a legal writ (or a writ they reasonably believed to be legal) unless they had fabricated evidence in order to attain it. In that sense, whether they announced themselves or not is irrelevant. Nevertheless, why the jurisdiction allowed officers without specialist training, equipment and planning to carry out a no-knock warrant is beyond me.

They couldn't convict him at all. He's protected under Kentucky's stand your ground law. This law can't be applied against the police but in this case Walker was unaware they were police and the police likely didn't announce themselves. He could easily win a case on that.
They simply had no case to convict him.
Then we agree that most of the evidence points to Walker being unaware that the domicile was being raided by the police when he discharged his weapon.

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Islamophobia in the West

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This is a lie... Sahih al-Bukhari 6922 states, and I quote ..."according to the statement of Allah's Messenger, 'Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.'" As this is a part of the Islamic source material - its a part of Islam. For us dirty unbelievers that essentially translates into *Mohammed said - anyone who leaves Islam, kill them*. So that settles that, I think.
Quran doesn't prescribe any worldly punishment for apostasy. Hadith, the human creation, that differs in use from region to region, can not dictate what Islam is.

Female Circumcision (FGM/C) between the Incorrect Use of Science and the Misunderstood Doctrine
n 1998, scholars from over 35 Islamic Countries came together at Al-Azhar University, Cairo to discuss FGM/C alongside other issues related to reproductive health. They came to the conclusion that FGM/C is a habit that is non-obligatory in Islam, given that it has never been mentioned in the Holy Qur'an, and there are no citations in Prophet Muhammad's Hadith containing any evidence of authentic isnad (chain of narration) that could justify a Sharia provision on so important an issue for human life as FGM/C. Further, Muslim jurists have not reached unanimous consent on FGM/C.
Egypt mufti says female circumcision forbidden
CAIRO, June 24 (Reuters) - Egypt's state-appointed Grand Mufti said on Sunday that female genital cutting was forbidden by Islam after an 11-year-old girl died while undergoing the procedure at a private medical clinic in southern Egypt.

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I am hardly an expert on FGM-matters but I am pretty sure that this "99%-claim" is a fabrication. I can not find anything that actually support or confirm that in the Prevalence of female genital mutilation wiki-page or in the Religious views on female genital mutilation wiki-page. Neither can confirm or provide basis for that impressive 99% claim. However, I certainly can find plenty that contradicts it and suggest otherwise. UNICEF lists the top 5 countries with the highest levels of support for FGM - Mali, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Egypt - and all 5 just happens to be Islam-majority countries. ...What a coincidence... And yet, supposedly 99% of all FGM is still somehow magically committed by non-Muslims almost exclusively - according to the claim. It does not add up very well, now does it? The "99%-claim" also provides us with a bunch of other unexplained paradoxes for us to consider as well. I will just forward a few here...
That's not what I was claiming. I was pointing out that Mithradates' claim "99% of FGM committed by Muslims" was false.

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..."It's a region specific practice, not religion specific."

Folks, I'm pretty sure this claim is a fabrication as well... After all, that quite some "region" we are talking about there - it is spanning from the coast of west Africa all the way to Egypt and horn of Africa, and then it continues from the Arabic peninsula to parts of the middle east then parts of Iran and Pakistan - and then again in Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. Curiously, it also happens to match up rather well with many (if not most) Islamic territories along the way somehow - what strange coincidence, isn't it? Furthermore, multiple Islamic councils all over the world have de facto offered their theological opinions and conclusions on FGM - that would be utterly redundant if FGM was not somehow relevant or important to Islam somehow - as is claimed. Obviously that is not true and thus we have yet another fabrication, on that note...
FGM is mainly an African problem. It predates both Islam and Christianity where neither have any basis for doing it.

Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting: A statistical overview and exploration of the dynamics of change
NIGER55% of Christian girls and women have undergone FGM/C, compared to 2% of Muslim girls and women
If its such a creation of Islam why do Christians practice it?

Study finds 'huge' fall in FGM rates among African girls
Using data from 29 countries and going back to 1990, the report's authors found that the biggest fall in cutting was in East Africa.
The prevalence rate there dropped from 71% of girls under 14 in 1995, to 8% in 2016, the study said.
Some countries with lower rates - including Kenya and Tanzania, where 3-10% of girls endure FGM - helped drive down the overall figure.
In North Africa, the rate fell from almost 60% in 1990 to 14% in 2015.
West Africa also saw a significant drop, from 74% of girls in 1996, to 25% in 2017.

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..."Vast majority of Muslims don't practice it."

Its hard to tell for sure folks... It is clear is that at least half of all Islamic countries in the world do practice FGM to various extents - and that circumstance alone suggests that many, if not a majority of Muslims do practice it somehow. As many Muslims do live in such Islamic countries we can be rather certain that it is not a nominal minority we talking about here (Pakistan and Iran might be exceptions here). However without the hard data one can only speculate on this, but it is clear it is nowhere close to a small insignificant minority - as we are led to believe by the claim - and in that sense, the claim is obviously untrue and blatantly dishonest. As is so often the case with various pro-Islamic activism. If in doubt, Youtube have plenty of clips of such stuff...
This is where bigotry kicks in hard. You base your claims on data that you now claim to be misleading just so that you can expand your viligication. Likely less than 20% of the Muslim world practices FGM and the numbers are falling. There are even Muslim majority countries where it virtually doesn't exist. The fact is only a fraction of Muslims practice FGM and these are concentrated in a number of states mainly in Africa. So, yes, vast majority of Muslims do not practice it.