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Thread: Specific Confederation reluctance

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    Default Specific Confederation reluctance

    Heya! I'm not happy with the pattern of Confederation in game. Most specifically while Hector, Aeneas and Paris are quite happy to join into one Troyan Heir, Illion H. seems to stick around much longer than those, while sitting on the other half of your Provinces, when Trojan and not doing much when Danaan. I'd like to modify this to make the interesting Factions stand out more while the Boring ones get confederated aways earlier.

    So can anyone point me in the direction of the relevant variables and db entries?

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    for what I know confederations are linked to subculture and it's possible to turn them on/off via diplomatic_action_faction_restrictions (in rome 2 at least)
    open RPFM (not PFM) and use its search bar, write diplomacy there and check all the related tables
    not every table has been decoded via schemata afaik, though

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    Default Re: Specific Confederation reluctance

    This pointed me in the right direction! Thank you for your help!

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