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Thread: A question on Dynasties and traits

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    Default A question on Dynasties and traits

    Hello, thank you for your time.
    I am trying to write an AAR retrospectively it will tell a story of the dynasty.
    What I do need is to if anyone can help is to script the dynasty and other significant historical dynasties continuing their names and lines.
    For example, Mithradates comes to the Seleukid throne and takes the name Antiokhos (Megas)
    Is it possible to keep Seleukid, Ptolemaic, etc dynasties continuing via a script?
    secondly for the FL to take the/a dynastic name scripted options? Also, could it be possible for FL to pick up traits on movement: A Seleukid Basileos needed to be everywhere. Rather like distance to capital but for King?

    PS Please excuse the added question, I have partially quoted myself here
    "Perhaps the gymnasion should only be allowed after polis status.
    Polis status outside of an actual original Greek polis was granted status.
    Then the gymnasion also carries educational skills- mainly philosophical, plus the obvious cultural martial pride.
    As a recent article referred to the Greco-Makedonians in their Katoikia and Seleukid city foundations/re-foundations as a diaspora these Greco-Makedonians were jealous and prided themselves on their 'paternity'- A Kleros was passed by lineage through paternity, as in any Hellenic Polis.
    The Babylonians sum it up the Babiaya us and them the Polite Sa Ina Balili"

    If Anyone knows if/how I might change the display date to reflect the Seleukid era calendar and the gymnasion is a bit more complicated I imagine?
    Thank you
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