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    - How do I mod public order to be less of a pain? I'm having cities that I've held for over a hundred turns revolt.

    - What am I supposed to do when a client ruler dies? If you've upgraded to a democracy or an oligarchy, a new client ruler can't be recruited.

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    1. Each region has "base unrest". You can do some research on where to modify "base unrest" values

    2. Demolish the democracy or oligarchy and recruit a new client ruler while building them back. The building description even mentions that this simulates the hassle of installing a new puppet ruler

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    Good morning, I speak as a fan nothing more.
    Public order going negative even after decades or longer though a probably pain, does it seem totally unrealistic? Does even a modern nation state withup to date tech claim to have every city or town in its juristiction happy contented and always acting peafully?
    Sorry, I know that does not answer what you wanted.
    When a client ruler dies, the local situation needs to be renegociated between local polity and dynast. In otherwords restablish a favourable system to the King. (Destroy previous gov buildings- start again to get new client ruler) this simulated period of instablity goverment changes have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoebopp View Post
    1. Each region has "base unrest". You can do some research on where to modify "base unrest" values
    I've looked around but I have no idea where to edit this. Could you elaborate?

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