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Thread: Any way to replicate "short pike" trait from RTW1 + EB1?

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    Default Any way to replicate "short pike" trait from RTW1 + EB1?

    In Rome Total War 1, classical hoplites (the ones that are not the Macedonian pike phalanx) have the "short_pike" trait and the "phalanx" ability. The short pike trait allows them to have a densely packed formations with great pushing ability. The phalanx ability causes them to be able to use multiple rows of spears to attack and prevent/hinder the enemy from coming close to them.

    In the Europa Barbarorum 1 mod, both of these traits were removed, but I added the "short pike" trait for hoplites in the unit description folder. This allowed them to have very compact formations (with cool overlapping shields) and great pushing ability that allows them to punch holes in the enemy line. I left out the phalanx ability so they wouldn't be totally invincible from the front.

    Is there any way to replicate this in EB2?

    Here is what classical hoplites look like with "Short_pike" ability in RTW1.

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    Default Re: Any way to replicate "short pike" trait from RTW1 + EB1?

    They're completely different battle engines, so I'm afraid the short answer is no.

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