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    What factors determine wether an elector count votes for you or not?
    The feature list only states that in order to become a candidate at all, you need to be the strongest HR-faction. On the other hand, it says, you need to be WEAKER than the other candidate (the late Emperor's son). Which is a paradoxon and impossible. So are there any other factors to get votes like personal standing between you and the HR factions etc.?

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    Ok, having played dHRR for some time now (v 0.8), is it possible that the emperor election mechanism has completely been taken out of the mod or somehow is broken in version 0.8?

    Cause the only two possibilities a new Rex Romanorum is being chosen seems to be

    1. either I get some message saying the Emperors house hase died out and the strongest Duke of the HRR simply became Emperor (this happens even if my emperor has a grown up son!)
    2. or I manage to found an imperial house (getting crowned Emperor before the Emperors son comes of age) in which case the Emperors son becomes Rex Romanorum right away - already during the Emperors lifetime.

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    i remember, that at some point i´ve become emperor as lothrarine duke. after the event i have to take the romzug - travel to rome, to get the emperor crown established by the pope. but it´s been a while back...
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    Thanks for your reply!

    Yeah sure, if you are Rex Romanorum you can do the Romzug to get crowned Emperor.

    I was wondering, however, how to get Rex Romanorum in the first place by a propper election instead of one of those two "compromise-possibilities" mentioned (by me) above?

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