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Thread: Athanasios' Rome 2 Ultimate Fixes

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    Default Athanasios' Rome 2 Ultimate Fixes

    A small intro

    I joined the Rome 2 universe pretty late, a little while after the family tree update I think. It was my first Total War and actually I only bought it because of the Wrath of Sparta campaign. I didn't even know what the franchise is, I just liked strategy games and spartiates

    I liked the game. Yes it is pretty shallow at times. The scale of the map of Grand Campaign is desperately small. When I started my first game I was trying to "zoom in" hoping that maybe more settlements will pop up. But no, turned out I could only control a small village with three building slots, and that was supposed to represent a real life region with multiple fortified cities at the time And yes, about that shallowness, sometimes it feels too easy and too easy to cheese your way to victory and bypass hardships that these factions would have in real life. But I had fun with the game.

    Despite all that however, there was a major problem I noticed. The game itself was not working properly. It had bugs! Some of the intended mechanics didn't work. Some effects didn't work. Some units had wrong stats. After a while I couldn't have fun anymore. My favourite mechanic, the effect of general's zeal on his bodyguard didn't work for some campaigns. So I came here and thanks to TWCenter and some VERY AWESOME people I managed to solve most of these bugs and even find more and more. To be honest, after months of bug hunting and fixing the project is not over yet. The amount of problems and mistakes in the files is maddening. No, seriously!

    What is a bug?

    I consider bugs to be mistakes in the data causing what the developers' intentions were to not work or to be incorrect. For example in Empire Divided a background skill provides discount to military buildings but they forgot to give the correct building set to these buildings so the discount didn't work.

    Usually there is no place for my personal opinion in bug fixing. But sometimes I had to use it to fill the "gaps" and that mostly applies to Attila which includes many unfinished stuff. And sometimes I made changes according to my logic, like the fact that I allowed Aurelian to hold a sword (a special sword hidden in the files, made for him but not used in-game) while riding with the Equites Scutarii. That's what they promoted by the way, Aurelian with sword, not spear. Things like that really push my buttons.

    How many bugs are left?

    A lot, I think. Some of them are hardcoded, which means they can't be fixed by modding, while others may need a lot of work. Lately however I have realised that mere bug fixing is not enough to fix some of the game's issues. I have plans for new projects that will use my bugfixes as a basis and then work on extra tweaks that are not bugfixes I also intended to "remake" the mod from the start to review possible mistakes of mine, make some fixes better or remove unecessary changes that could be included in a different mod.

    List of bugfixes

    They are on the Steam page but I will add the here too. This list will not be updated.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Universal Fixes
    1) Fixed background skill "Fortitudo" not providing building cost reduction for military buildings
    2) Fixed many bodyguard units of generals and admirals that did not receive bonus to aura of influence, cooldown rate and weapon damage from general's attributes due to missing value in unit_set_to_unit_junctions
    3) Added the missing unit Assault Tetreres Kartli Axemen of Colchis for Custom Battles
    4) More than 700 household item bugs fixed
    5) Added correct "unit_set" value for many units to receive the correct bonuses (for example the Royal Spartans of Wrath of Sparta did not benefit from the "Indomitable Hoplites" army tradition because they were not assigned as "hoplites"!)
    6) Replaced the icon of hellenic military port with the original one
    7) Replaced melee weapon of Thracian Peltasts, Thracian Skirmisher Cavalry and Thracian Marines: they now carry sword instead of dagger to match the melee weapon stats (all Campaigns)
    8) Corrected the building_set of many buildings allowing them to benefit from building cost reductions (Bronze Workshop subchain will now benefit from military building cost reduction)
    9) Fixed the wrong crest placement of the hellenistic thracian helmet
    10) Fixed missing garisson units of the cisalpine celt military group
    11) Original icon (scutum shield) for Roman buildings "Armourer" and "Shieldmaker"
    12) Fixed Late Carthaginian Hoplites vanishing from some garrisons after upgrading
    13) Cappadocian Cavalry also recruited from heavy cavalry chain
    14) Pontic units recruitment allowed from eastern military buildings
    15) Eagle standard bearer for First Cohort
    16) Iberian swordsmen missile weapon corrected (from precursor to hybrid) to match the auxiliary and mercenary versions
    17) Battle of Raphia: Karian Axemen soldier number corrected

    Grand Campaign
    1) Corrected the weapon of Bactrian Royal Guard, Heroes of Sparta and Shield Bearers (they now use "rome_hoplite_spear_elite" instead of "rome_spear_elite")
    2) Corrected the icons of Rome's military training building chain (swords clashing icon is for attack buff and gladius with shield icon is for defence buff - confirmed by database names)
    3) Corrected First and Eagle Cohort weight indications (was Heavy instead of Very Heavy, applies to all campaigns)
    4) Fixed a bug that prevented factions of "Desert Kingdoms" DLC from building Governor's Palace and Water Tank in the same city
    5) Corrected Cydamus settlement in Phazania. It is now a Leather Settlement as intended providing the Leather resource.
    6) Moved "Macedonian Wars" objective of the Roman Campaign to a later chapter
    7) Chapter 4 objective of Seleucid Campaign requires the subjugation of 13 factions in order to be completed. Since satrapies at the start of the campaign count towards the number and the chapter is changed too quickly without completing secondary objective, the number is raised to 16.
    8) Auxiliary infantry, Assault Biremes - Auxiliary Infantry and Auxiliary cavalry are now available after researching Professional Soldiery (also applies to Imperator Augustus)
    9) Fixed two Roman generals that wore incorrect helmet variant in battle
    10) Changed the armour stats of Azat Knights from "scale" to "scale_elite" as the visuals indicate
    11) Saka Cataphract Horse Archers unit added as bodyguard for Massagetae
    12) -
    13) Corrected shield stats for Thureos Hoplites and Thorax Hoplites of Athens (they were incorrectly given hoplon shield stats instead of thureos shield stats)
    14) Fixed Pergamon's wrong naval bodyguard units ("Assault Hexeres - Thorax Swords" and "Tower Penteres - Archers" are not included in faction's naval roster were replaced with units from the roster)
    15) Fixed wrong description for Armenia's Persian Cavalry (also applies to Imperator Augustus)
    16) Fixed Bithynian infantry wrong shield values
    17) Assigned Nubian Champion instead of the generic African/Arabian model for Kush
    18) Added missing agent security bonus for settlements of the desert kingdoms

    Empire Divided
    1) Added correct "building_set" value to all buildings, allowing cost reductions to now take effect
    2) Added unique weapons to historical leaders for battle and campaign map
    3) Generals of Aurelian's Rome will now wield a sword (spatha) instead of spear (including Aurelian with his unique sword)
    4) Replaced the gladius of all Roman Cataphracts with spatha
    5) Fixed the unit card of Royal Sassanian Horse Archers
    6) Replaced wrong officer of Sassanid Horse Skirmishers with the correct one
    7) Fixed "floating cavalrymen bug"
    8) Greuthungi Noble Lancers now use a sword instead of a dagger after charge
    9) Fixed swapped icons of roman military buff buildings
    10) Replaced gladius with spear for palmyrene generals and officers when on horseback.
    11) Added missing spear to palmyrene camel officer
    12) Corrected evocati cohort weight issue
    13) Added missing Field of Mars building for Britannia, Hispania and Lusitania
    14) Added Grain Fields settlement in Pannonia and Lumber in Numidia (new game required)
    15) Fixed a major bug that prevented the player from building most medium and heavy siege engines with the Engineering Experts army tradition
    16) Chapter 6 objective of Palmyra can now count the Cataphract bodyguards towards completion

    Rise of The Republic
    1) Fixed ear clipping through Corinthian helmet for Tarantine Hoplites
    2) Fixed ear clipping through Corinthian helmet for Greek generals
    3) Fixed ear clipping through Corinthian helmet for Etruscan Heavy Hoplites by replacing Corinthian helmet of WoS with the Rise Of The Republic iron model variant
    4) Fixed "invisible sword bug" of officers and standard bearers
    5) Brennus now holds his unique sword in battle and campaign map
    6) Fixed Etruscan Ballista and Polybolos ammunition quantity (ROTR DLC)
    7) Veneti women can now be promoted to the appropriate offices

    Imperator Augustus
    1) Fixed Rome's "double garisson bug" of level 4 Roman Patrol port building
    2) Fixed wrong greaves of Lepidus and Mark Antony
    3) Fixed "Tower Hexareme - Veteran Legionaries" naval unit (available as admiral's bodyguard unit) incorrectly swapped with the inferior "Assault Hexareme - Veteran Legionaries" resulting in wrong cost values and absence of the firing tower.
    4) Fixed the bug that prevented Dacia from completing the secondary objective of Chapter 1 "research technology raised site"
    5) Corrected the rosters and garrisons of Axum, Blemmyes, Meroe, Gaetuli, Mauri, Numidia, Qidri, Saba, Gerrhea, Nabataea, Ma'in, Mascat and Himyar.
    6) Cleopatra now immortal (with new trait)

    Wrath Of Sparta
    1) "Hero of the Army" trait fixed
    2) Fixed incorrect effects of two building levels of the Iron Town building chain
    3) Added missing agent security bonus for settements
    4) Fixed incorrect icon of imperium diplomatic penalty effects
    5) Mercenary Kretan Archers armour value corrected

    Caesar in Gaul
    1) Added marble resource in two Gallic settlements that had marble before the bug
    2) Replaced Mark Antony with helmetless variant (original variant)
    3) Fixed the floating spear of Ariovistus and Boduognatus
    4) Fixed the roman port building "Coastal Patrol" that allowed recruitment of the land unit "Onager" instead of "Artillery Quinquereme - Roman Onager"

    Hannibal at the Gates
    1) Carthage and Syracuse can now build mines
    2) Carthage can now build the Tophet religious building

    UPDATE 24/3/2020

    1) Fixed a bug that prevented the buildings Clay Pit and Horn Maker from existing in the same settlement (Rise of the Republic)
    2) Fixed a bug that prevented low tax levels from providing settlement growth bonus
    3) Corrected the armour and shield stats of Noble Swordsmen (arabian factions)
    4) Corrected the shield patterns of Equites Scutarii (irrelevant iberian patterns removed) (Empire Divided)

    UPDATE 5/4/2020

    1) Added many factions to their correct faction group (Rhodos, Cimmerian Secessionists, nomadic minor factions like Aorsoi, etc)
    2) Removed the Aspis Companion change

    Empire Divided changes and fixes
    1) Fixed the missing belts bug of the units: Praetorian Guard, Evocati Cohort, Jovianii, Herculianii
    2) Corrected the sword weapon of auxiliary lanciarii and gallic lanciarii
    3) Corrected the helmets of the units: Armoured archers, Auxiliary Cretan Archers, Auxiliary Peltasts, Auxiliary Swordsmen
    4) Fixed the incorrectly placed and glitched Auxiliary Swordsmen shield patterns
    5) Corrected the voice of Alae Horse Skirmishers from eastern to roman (the unit is recruited in Italia)
    6) Finally fixed the changing and boring shield pattern of Aurelian. He now uses only one shield pattern (the most fitting one)
    7) Removed the excessive hyper-elite armour parts of Auxiliary Scutarii Cavalry
    8) Corrected the roster of Egypt, Galatia, Lydia, Numidia: they couldn't recruit auxiliary units
    9) Corrected the officers of the units: Auxiliary Armoured Pikemen, Cretan Archers, Peltasts, Rhodian Slingers

    UPDATE 9/4/2020

    1) Rorarii added for Rome in custom battles (GC)
    2) Corrected a few minor problems with the last update (armoured archers helmets, aux swordsmen helmets,...)
    3) Unlocked the bugged helmets of Evocati Cohort
    4) Added many auxiliary units for Aurelian's faction in custom battles for testing
    5) Citizen cavalry, Skirmisher cavalry and artillery of Sparta now have spartan bodies and faces. Unfortunately I couldn't change the officers yet (the unit_variants table was used, creating new unit may help with officers)

    UPDATE 13/4/2020

    1) Fixed by hand 1.414 entries of recruitment inconsistencies in ED (example: Vigiles recruitment swapped with the Roman Levies recruitment)
    2) Fixed the wrong icon/flag of Armenian civil war faction (GC)
    3) Fixed the sassanid level 1 and 2 infantry barracks garrison (ED)
    4) Fixed Noreia region producing Eastern Rebels instead of Celtic Rebels (IA)
    5) Fixed Iceni faction and Egyptian civil war factions not being immune to snow and desert attrition respectively (IA)
    6) Added a temporary solution to aqueducts for the IA campaign (some values were taken from the Boicote's mod for testing purposes for the unique IA cities that are not in GC. However I aim to improve the position of most of them)

    UPDATE 20/4/2020

    I discovered that naval units actually were target of the equipment upgrades, but they didn't finish the job to implement the effect to be given from the buildings. Now equipment upgrades from the iron resource settlement (armour, shields, weapons) correctly apply to naval units in sea region's adjacent to a faction's port (All DLCs, all factions)

    UPDATE 21/4/2020

    1) Fixed missing cloak of the general Lucius Marcianus and of all other generals using the same model (Empire Divided)

    UPDATE 26/4/2020 (Minor ROTR fixes)

    1) Missing chest armour fixed for Light Roman Hoplites and Hastati
    2) Added an extra armour piece to Principes to somewhat match the unit card
    3) Roman swordsmen officer corrected
    4) Fixed some Hastati crests that did not appear in-game

    minor update 6/5/2020

    1) Fixed missing/hidden cape of two ED roman general's models (VMDs 1 and 11)

    UPDATE 9/5/2020

    1) Corrected the name of "Mercenary Sabaean Archers/Cavaly/Spears" to "Mercenary African Archers/Cavalry/Spears" (these units are recruited in Garamantia in HATG, no connection to Saba, especially visually)
    2) Corrected the unit card of the british Chosen Sword Band (GC, IA)
    3) Corrected the unit card of Etruscan Heavy Cavalry (ROTR)
    4) Corrected the unit card of Campanian Cavalry (ROTR)
    5) Changed the unit card of bactrian spearmen
    6) Roman barracks and Military academy icons changed to the ROTR variant found in the files.

    UPDATE 10/5/2020

    1) Corrected Pergamon's bodyguard unit selection and campaign map starting general's units (pikemen removed from being bodyguards)

    UPDATE 13/5/2020

    1) Fixed Julius Caesar's focale/scarf clipping through armour
    2) Fixed unit card of Praetorian Guard (correct shield is imperial scutum)
    3) Fixed shield type visual of Vigiles (it was oval, stats and card show scutum) and corrected the cloak
    4) Corrected the unit card of Armoured Camel Spearmen (armoured camels replaced with unarmoured)
    5) Removed Companion cavalry from available bodyguard units of Seleucids. They are not in their roster.
    6) Corrected the starting bodyguard units of characters in turn 1 for Athens, Syracuse, Cimmeria, Pergamon and Massilia (they will use unique/elite units by default)
    8) Improved appearance of Bactrian Noble Horse for visual cohesion with the unit card (added 1 scale armour variant for every 3 bronze armour variants)
    9) Removed cingulum militare from auxiliary units
    10) Corrected shield stats of Mighty Horse and Fierce Swords of Nervii to the germanic types.
    11) Fixed missing belts of Gallic Imperial Guard (Empire Divided)
    12) Corrected the naval roster of Parthia in custom battles (Pontic units removed)
    13) Added Noble Blood Cavalry as bodyguard unit option for Colchis

    UPDATE 17/5/2020

    1) Corrected the shield stat of Riders of the hunt (Suebi)
    2) Added bronze armour variant for Sileraioi Hoplites according to stats (ROTR)
    3) Fixed the helmet of a roman general (rom_general_23) for battle and campaign
    4) Principes (Grand Campaign) small armour variant correction

    UPDATE 21/5/2020

    1) Fixed missing peltast ships of Athens, Syracuse, Macedon, Pergamon, preventing light peltasts ships from being available before the approppriate technology
    2) Corrected the starting naval units of Nabatea (assault dieres - desert separs replaced by the assault dieres - levy spears of the roster)
    3) Corrected the icon of eastern/desert Quartermaster building according to the original data
    4) Corrected the icon of Weaponsmith to show spear instead of sword in Wrath of Sparta according to the original data
    5) Corrected the traits of Demetrios II (Macedon)(from roman to generic) and Tilezipta (Odryssian Kingdom) (from female to male)
    6) Fixed wrong zeal value for the "weak" character trait

    Update 15/7/2020

    -Fixed missile range bonus for cavalry from the "Marksman" general skill (steppe factions)
    -Fixed the background colour of the Olive Oil and Glassware resource buildings
    -Corrected the icon of level 1 roman artillery workshop
    -Corrected the unit recruitment of Wrath of Sparta level 1 and level 2 barracks

    UPDATE 20/8/2020 and 1/9/2020

    1)Fixed the economist skill of dignitaries, they didn't provide the unit recruitment cost bonus (Many thanks to Morticia Iunia Brutti for helping!)
    2)Fixed wrong unit card of Iapygian Noble Hoplites (wrong unit depicted, I found the correct card in the files)
    3)Corrected the picked hoplites of WoS DLC unit card (no cloak)
    4)Fixed missing road bonus for level 4 and 5 greek cities in Rise of The Republic DLC
    5)Corrected the type of model that appears on the campaign map when the Hieron Ton Megalon Theon temple is built.

    Why I made this thread?

    See below

    Bug reports and feedback

    50% of bugs were discovered by me and the other 50% from bug reports from people's comments or from forum posts. Another big chunk of the fixes was possible only by the help from other modders who kindly lent me their advice. Many many thanks to all of them! (Jake and Morticia deserve the 1st prize!)

    So please, let me know of any questions, suggestions and critique!

    I am currently stuck in trying to change the melee attack bonus from the iron resource (level 1,2 and 3 weapons) to weapon damage bonus. I may have to open a new thread about it, but I thought I could use this thread for your feedback and bug reports as well as for my questions. We will see!

    Steam link:
    Non-Steam link: N/A yet

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    Default Re: Athanasios' Rome 2 Ultimate Fixes

    good job!

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    Default Re: Athanasios' Rome 2 Ultimate Fixes

    Thank you!

    When I have the time I will actually make an update for the mod that will be this mod made from scratch. This will help me pinpoint possible errors, fix some bugs in a better way and remove some changes that may be better included in a different pack.

    I keep saying this because I don't have too much free time but if it is written somewhere in public it is more likely I will do it sooner

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