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    Gave the "potential successor" ancillary to the heir's second son while the faction leader is still alive. But every time the faction leader dies, the oldest son becomes heir.

    What are the triggers that select for the next faction heir upon the faction leader's death? Other than "potential successor", are there any traits or ancillaries that I can give or remove from the oldest son that will ensure that he's passed over for faction heir? Or any traits or ancillaries that I can give to the second son to ensure that he is picked as the next faction heir?

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    Potential heir is very, VERY potential. It tends to work... somewhat reliably when the faction leader has no biological son. These, in my experience, are the best moments to shift your ruling dynasty on the least intrusive way possible.

    Otherwise... prepare to do some family tree pruning the hard, wet way. Few stubborn family members can survive a boating incident, which is the most surefire way. Otherwise, dumping their asses into Eremos until they die out of an "act of God", or around a lake/small inland sea with a pirate fleet on also tends to work.

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    In the current version there is a remnant of the former heir selection system (that select the oldest child of the new FL as the heir), and it conflicts with the ancillary/trait system. I believe the team fixed it for the next version of the mod.

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    M2TW's Succession System works off of Primogeniture-lite, so the firstborn son or the husband of the firstborn daughter is almost always the recipient of the FH status. If your Faction Heir's sons are on the campaign map then he'll pass his status down to them as well.

    So basically, kill your firstborn son and any of his sons. Kill the sons-in-law too. Only the children can be spared.

    Even once they are out of the way, it's not guaranteed that Heir status will pass down to the holder of Potential Heir. High influence FMs might be able to snatch the status away, but since you're aiming to keep it in the current branch of the dynasty that shouldn't happen.

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    So, is it tied to the RoyalFamily trait, or something else in the engine?

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