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Thread: Mods that require/launch from Barbarian Invasion on steam

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    Default Mods that require/launch from Barbarian Invasion on steam

    pi, troy, et cetera. how do I get them to work? what edits do I have to make in the game files or in the steam ones to make the game use the correct launcher. whenever I try to use these mods they default to vanilla rome and either don't work at all, or the campaigns fail to work and only the custom battles do.

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    Default Re: Mods that require/launch from Barbarian Invasion on steam

    I'd love an answer to this also. I've made a small unit mod which expands the unit availability among the Germanic factions. The mod appears in the launcher, however the changes don't appear in the game.. :/
    I'd very much appreciate some help in order to resolve this, I figure maybe I have the file destination incorrect, but so far I've been unable to get it working..
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