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Thread: 'faction not listed in playable/nonplayable header'

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    Default 'faction not listed in playable/nonplayable header'

    I've been working on a personal mod, launched through a BI.exe mod switch, and I've come across an odd problem with a custom faction ('boii'), one that seems to be pretty rare. The faction does not show up in the campaign menu selection screen even though 1) all of the symbols and icons are in the right places 2) there are only 20 factions listed as playable, and 3) the new faction works in custom battles.

    When I attempt to start the campaign with any other faction I get a KTM and the following error:

    'Script error in [mod name]\data\world\maps\campaign\barbarian_invasion\descr.txt at line 2569, column 12: faction boii not listed in playable/nonplayable header'

    This is strange as they are listed:

    campaign        imperial_campaign
    I really don't understand why they don't show up at all on the campaign menu, however, as every other faction (except for rebels, obviously) is there.

    What's even more strange is that line 2569 is blank (so no 'column 12') and this the relevant faction information from line 2570 onwards:

    faction    boii, religious smith
    denari    7000
        level large_town
        region Boihaemum
        year_founded 0
        population 4000
        plan_set default_set
        faction_creator boii
            type core_building governors_villa
            type defenses wooden_wall
            type barracks muster_field
            type equestrian stables
            type hinterland_farms farms
            type missiles practice_field
    character    Amminos, named character, leader, age 52, , x 111, y 113 
    traits GoodCommander 2 , Intelligent 2 , Austere 1 , PublicFaith 1 
    ancillaries bard, civilized_slave
    unit        barb chieftain cavalry early gaul                exp 2 armour 0 weapon_lvl 0
    unit        warband sword gaul                exp 1 armour 1 weapon_lvl 1
    unit        warband sword gaul                exp 1 armour 1 weapon_lvl 1
    unit        barb naked fanatics gauls                exp 1 armour 0 weapon_lvl 0
    unit        barb cavalry gaul                exp 1 armour 0 weapon_lvl 0
    unit        barb cavalry gaul                exp 1 armour 0 weapon_lvl 0
    character    Eporedorix, named character, heir, age 20, , x 110, y 112 
    traits NaturalMilitarySkill 2 , Intelligent 1 , Energetic 1 , Drink 1 
    ancillaries beastmaster
    unit        barb chieftain cavalry early gaul                exp 2 armour 0 weapon_lvl 0
    character_record        Bolgios,     male, command 0, influence 0, management 0, subterfuge 0, age 14, alive, never_a_leader
    character_record        Barita,     female, command 0, influence 0, management 0, subterfuge 0, age 52, alive, never_a_leader
    relative     Amminos,     Barita,    Eporedorix,    Bolgios,    end
    relative    Eporedorix,    end
    To eliminate some likely problems:

    1) The coordinates x 111, y 113 are for Lovosice and should be fine.

    2) This faction replaces romans_senate but I have purged all relevant references to the senate faction (ie, there is no senate tab and no senate offices button as romans_julli - the other two roman factions are now modded greek factions). If I comment out boii and their faction details in descr_strat.txt, the game runs fine so it doesn't seem like a problem with the senate or senate faction slot itself unless I have missed something. I can even play them in custom battles just fine, with all of the units, textures, names, ui, etc that I added for them.

    3) The faction is essentially a clone of gauls - names, units, buildings, ui etc - to get it into the game so it shouldn't be a missing unit, building, or name (and the error doesn't suggest that). The units should be fine, they're all correctly associated in the EDU.

    4) The descr_sm_factions.txt is correct as far as I can work out (with some placeholder data) but this is presumably where descr_strat.txt should be drawing from:

    faction                        boii
    culture                        barbarian
    symbol                        models_strat/symbol_alemanni.CAS
    rebel_symbol                models_strat/symbol_barb_rebel.CAS
    primary_colour                red 56, green 80, blue 90
    secondary_colour            red 166, green 20, blue 23
    loading_logo                loading_screen/symbols/symbol128_alemanni.tga
    standard_index                3
    logo_index                    232
    small_logo_index            244
    triumph_value                5
    intro_movie                    fmv/intros/barbarian_intro_640x480_bars.wmv
    victory_movie                fmv/victory/barbarian_outro_320x240.wmv
    defeat_movie                fmv/lose/gauls_eliminated.wmv
    death_movie                    fmv/death/death_gaul_snow_320x240.wmv
    custom_battle_availability    yes
    can_sap                        no
    prefers_naval_invasions        no
    If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them, it seems like a really unusual error. This is the first error I've had making my personal mod that I haven't been to resolve.
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    Giving you a fast answer, I would say that you didn´t changed the internal name of senate faction correctly. I don´t remeber now all the files that should be modified, but probably it is something that interact with the campaign. If you can find a tutorial about how to eliminate roamn senate permanent maybe you can check about this possibility.


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    Default Re: 'faction not listed in playable/nonplayable header'

    That's a good guess, I'll have to double check everything. So far there's no sign of senate_romans in descr_strat, descr_sm_factions, descr_character, descr_model_strat, EDB, EDU, exanded_bi, or descr_names. The new boii tag has replaced it (obviously with cloned gauls names and units etc).

    It's particularly annoying because the senate is functionally gone so if it is a remnant of the old faction tag then it's one that has no other effect.

    EDIT: I can only find two files which still directly reference romans_senate:

    1) descr_model_battle - this shouldn't cause any issues as far as I'm aware, since they can never appear and own no units in the EDU, and so I never removed those references.

    2) export_descr_sound - this checks the general's opinions and faction membership, I may edit this but does anyone know if it actually matters if it checks a defunct tag? It didn't cause any problems in custom battles.

    Otherwise, it's just the UI folders and unit cards, sprites and textures and such, and the prologue and old imperial_campaign (which I should remove to save space but it's not relevant here since I'm running through BI). Nothing that really clears up why the new tag is failing.
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    Default Re: 'faction not listed in playable/nonplayable header'

    Resolved! Digging into the descr_strat some more, somehow all of the new lines involving the new boii faction were presaged by line feeds without carriage returns. I have no idea how these mixed line endings came about but they're fixed now and everything is working as expected.

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    Default Re: 'faction not listed in playable/nonplayable header'

    Must be more text files that you should include the new internal name of the new faction (don´t delete the senate former lines in files of text folder).
    I would like to be more accurate but by now I can give you the files name.

    Check these files:

    - campaign_descriptions.txt
    - expanded_bi.txt
    - export_buildings.txt
    - menu_english.txt
    - strat.txt

    (From here you should remove romans_senate entries)
    - descr_banners.txt
    - descr_character.txt
    - descr_lbc_db.txt
    - descr_model_strat.txt
    - descr_names.txt
    - descr_offmap_models.txt
    - descr_sm_factions.txt
    - export_descr_buildings.txt
    - export_descr_character_traits.txt
    - export_descr_unit.txt

    I´m pretty sure that I forget some of them, but I hope that this is helpful.


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    Default Re: 'faction not listed in playable/nonplayable header'

    Indeed, I had already changed the internal names on all of those files but it's worth having them here on the off-chance that anyone needs this thread as a reference for elminating the senate_romans faction.

    When I was re-checking my work, I cross-referenced with the Neutralised Senate package to be sure that I had done it correctly. In the end it was just an unusual error that I would not have noticed but for Notepad++.

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    Default Re: 'faction not listed in playable/nonplayable header'

    If I understood correctly yo fixed that. So, I´m glad about that.

    I´m pretty sure that this list is incomplte, but it can work as a reference for beginers.



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