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Thread: Latest patch incompatible with all previous saved games?

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    Icon8 Latest patch incompatible with all previous saved games?

    Is anyone else sharing my experience? Today (4 September in Australia) there was a hotfix, and now every one of my 150+ campaign-game saves is in red with the message: the saved game was created in an older version of the game and may crash - which all of them do.

    So it has nothing to do with mods ... CA actually released and non-backwards-compatible 'hotfix'?

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    Default Re: Latest patch incompatible with all previous saved games?

    This isn't a hotfix. It's a very large free patch to go along with the DLC that changes the map for all start dates. CA were very clear that the new version wouldn't be save compatible. See here:

    If you want to continue the old save without the bugs, go into the Steam properties of the game, under the Betas tab, and select the old 1.5.3 version. After the game reverts versions, you should be able to continue your save without issue.
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    To be fair, they did warn people of this in the patch notes... in a large font and in bold:


    Due to the major reworking of the campaign map in patch 1.6.0, users may note a number of oddities if they load saved games made before this patch.
    Known issues:

    • New campaign map will not appear in older saves
    • Users may find battles, especially around settlements, will load into an incorrect location (or even a gate pass battle map)
    • Region and province names may have changed on the campaign, or be inconsistent
    • Some mechanics and systems will have been updated to the new map, but will be present in existing saves. This include, but are not limited to:
      • Sun Ce’s Ambition mechanic
      • Lü Bu’s Greatest Warrior mechanic
      • The Bandit Network (Zhang Yan, Zheng Jiang, Yan Baihu)
      • Some mods relying on region or province data may no longer function or will function in unintended ways

    It is strongly recommended you start a new campaign to experience the great new features which have been added to the campaign. Please also disable mods until they have been updated to account for all the changes made with the release of The Furious Wild.
    As Zoner16 said, you can roll back to the earlier patch till you finish your campaign.

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