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Thread: Liberated factions and relations

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    Hey everyone, wanted to ask how (and why) do liberated factions lose good terms with you after a lot of turns (more than 20). It is affected by imperium, of course, but is there a value in play through the first turns after liberating that then decreases gradually? And, also, how much do events like declaring war on other factions soon after having treaties affect? Even having an inmigrant building can't seem to help either. It's like, your liberated factions could become a nuisance after 50 turns and turn against you and it's really not worth it in the long term.
    Thanks guys, really happy with the mod!

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    In my experiences, liberating has mostly been useful as a short term ally against a more powerful enemy. The free army they get is very helpful and they will bleed whomever it is that you freed them from. I've had occasions where they turn out to be long term allies but usually it ends up as you say and is best used for situations where you are outnumbered.

    As for exactly why relations deteriorate quickly, I can't give a concrete numbers answer but I would guess that it has something to do with leader personalities or specific faction motivations.

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    Ask them to join your wars, they will most likely happily accept it.
    Accept if they ask the same.
    Keep the mutual interests.

    Use them to create a buffer zone against factions that are already "red" towards you. Those factions will have your new liberated ally %100 too and declare war anyway, so you don't need to worry about them.
    Or, to create a really strong alliance. For example as playing carthage, your first move must be liberating the syracuse, you will have extremly strong ally that will last loyal to you till the end of the game because you will be at war with Rome anyway.

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    I was playing as Rome and my plan was to liberate every desert african faction (Masaesyli, Garamantians, etc) to use them as trade partners for late game. So I liberated almost every desert region and made a faction out of every settlement, but that was like 50 turns ago, I'm on Imperium level 6 and almost all of them have neutral or negative relationships to me, so...
    I'll try them joining my wars though, thanks!

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