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Thread: SS 6.4 Latest version, Steam, Too Easy ?

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    Default SS 6.4 Latest version, Steam, Too Easy ?

    Playing on hard campaign and medium battle difficulties, I'm 10 turns in as France and making around 2500 per turn. It feels like I'll never run out of cash. I have around a full stack in the field.

    Is this normal ? What difficulties is the mod balanced for ? VH/VH ?

    Thanks for any info.

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    Default Re: SS 6.4 Latest version, Steam, Too Easy ?

    You will start to run out of cash when the buildings start becoming more expensive and you start to field more than two armies. Early game, France doesn't have many immediate enemies, make sure you quickly gobble up as many rebel settlements as you can before the other Catholic factions do. If you are at war with any Catholic factions doesn't matter who starts it, you will lose standing with Pope and potentially get excommunicated. Mid game, when you start fighting more than one enemy at a time it will get precarious trying to replace losses faster than you incur them, even if money isn't an issue. So if you are in the black now make sure you build up a war chest, in case you need to recruit a bunch of mercenaries. Late game when other faction are much bigger they can throw stack after stack at you. Money isn't the only thing that you need, make sure you have a large pool of potential generals, you can quickly run out of family members if you're not careful, then it wont matter how much money you have. Leveled up Generals are very important don't throw them away.

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    Default Re: SS 6.4 Latest version, Steam, Too Easy ?

    Thanks, so what difficulties is the mod balanced around ?

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    Default Re: SS 6.4 Latest version, Steam, Too Easy ?

    really depends on the way you play. If you exploit game mechanics, and i dont mean using cheat codes but rather just abusing the stupidity of the AI, then you should play on the hardest difficulty IMO. I would even play on the hardest mode if playing with house rules. Honestly, SS is not hard. If you want more challenging gameplay you should use Bygs sub mod or SSHIP sub mod. Just note there is alot of management in these mods

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    Default Re: SS 6.4 Latest version, Steam, Too Easy ?

    France or any other large faction is supposed to be easy.

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    Default Re: SS 6.4 Latest version, Steam, Too Easy ?

    I would advice to start playing Venice with the Gracul AI Respect to whomever is able to win..

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    Default Re: SS 6.4 Latest version, Steam, Too Easy ?

    How do you do in battle? In my game it feels like unit in stainless steel feels like glass cannon. Usually i won the battle but 2 or 3 battle after my full stack are down to less than a half or a quarter damaged stack so i have to retrain them.

    So far my recruitment strategy is just to recruit any unit as quick as possible disregarding their qualities even peasant infantry if still early era or lack other option since unit survivablity are too low for me to concern about quality.

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