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Thread: Bringing things to a dignified closure

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    Default Bringing things to a dignified closure

    Hi All,

    This isn't an announcement that I wanted to make, but nonetheless it would not be fair not to make it. Things have changed somewhat in the last few years and I am now a lot busier than I used to be, as are the other members of the team. As such, we are shelving development of Victoria: Total War and do not intend to come back to it. As such, the current released beta is the only release that there will be.

    Thanks very much to the rest of the team for the work they put in-Pazu for the excellent historical info, and Sirlion, without whose models there would have been no release at all. The models are excellent-my only regret is that this mod has not showcased them as well as it should have.

    If people want to use any of the assets from the mod in their own mods, by all means go ahead. You do not have to ask us for permission, just please give credit where credit is due. Of course, this only applies to things created by us-there are parts in the mod made by other teams and used with their permission. Obviously, any use of those is ultimately up to those other modders.

    Likewise, if anyone wants to take on this mod, take it in a new direction, or something else, by all means let me know. I will not have time to work on this mod again, but I will certainly not stop anyone else if they wish to do something with it.


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    Default Re: Bringing things to a dignified closure

    That's bad news...
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    Default Re: Bringing things to a dignified closure

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    Default Re: Bringing things to a dignified closure

    This is sad news to hear, but it has been a good and long effort for Victoria Total War. Thank you Tango and team for putting in all the hard work and getting the beta release out. Plus now we can all say the mod is ready instead of the usual it will be ready when it's ready. haha

    And also thank you Tango for taking the time to bring closure to the mod, it is much appreciated. And best of luck to you and the team on whatever yalls future endeavors are here or more importantly in real life.

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    Default Re: Bringing things to a dignified closure

    Thatīs really sad, I had been lokking forward to the campaign so hard.

    But of course, praise where itīs due: Thank you Tango, Pazu, Sirlion and the team for your great work!

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