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    Default Throne of Pendragon 1.0

    Fantasy addon for the Unofficial patch 1.8 for Barbarian Invasion.
    It adds new fantasy campaign about battles and wars of king Arthur, the mightiest and legendary british king.

    After seizing control of the Grail, Arthur gained almost limitless powers. And naturally he embarked on conquest. He destroyed the barbarian hordes and conquered the entire Roman Empire. His possessions extended all the way to India. But then strife began. Many lords and governors did not want Arthur's power over the empire. Mordred was one of Arthur's relatives. He conspired with other lords against his king. Uprising began in different provinces at once. But the lords did not want the power of Mordred, and therefore they quickly began to proclaim independence. This is how Arthur's Empire split into 6 kingdoms Rome and the surrounding lands still remain with Arthur. East is behind Mordred. The lands of the former Sassanids are for Lord Guilden. The lands of the northeast are beyond Lord Finian. The lands of today's Hungary and Belarus are beyond Malagant. From the start, Arthur keeps peace with the Lioness kingdom. If the peace breaks down and Camelot is captured by the Lyonesses, there will be resistance from Lord Vindex. Vindex will take over Camelot and declare independence, creating a new kingdom.

    - New fantasy campaign about the mythology and alt-history theme.
    - 6 new fantasy factions (4 playable and 2 unplayable)
    Pendragons Empire, Mordred Alliance, Phinian`s League and Malagants Alliance - for campaign. Fully playable and balanced.
    Windex Rebels and Lord Gilden Union are not playable, but appearing in campaign during the walkthrough.
    - New 3d-models and textures by experienced modders
    - New unique gameplay for fantasy factions.
    - New UI, new 2d-design and new historical events during the campaign.
    - New beautiful loadscreens about knights theme.

    At first, you need to have this patch in your PC.
    Install this pack for your Rome TW game. Then go to bi\data\world\maps\campaign folder and delete all folders there, except "barbarian_invasion".
    Then go to mod archive of Throne of Pendragon and install all files to the BI folder. Overwrite all files. All files must be replaced.
    Then mod will work, and you will have a chance to see the glory of Arthur Pendragon.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Main team: BagaturKhan, Ariaces.

    Download links:
    Cloud mail

    Moddb link

    Main thread -

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