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Thread: Ever wondered why your Spanish Jinetes have no shields?

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    Icon5 Ever wondered why your Spanish Jinetes have no shields?

    Alright, I want to share here a discovery made by Macsen Rufus - one of the most skilled and productive modders I ever seen on the MTW-scene. All credits/kudos goes to him for this discovery (I only made a few small corrections, in bold green). Remember, I'm just the messenger here - bringing the news to the TWC...

    Quote Originally Posted by Macsen Rufus
    If you ever looked, and ever cared, those Spanish Jinetes in MTW:VI don't show any shields in battle, even though they should. This is all down to a single spelling mistake in the original install.

    Navigate to /Textures/Men/Items/Shield2/SpanishJinettes
    and change it to /Textures/Men/Items/Shield2/SpanishJinetes

    Then you will see Jinetes with the little round shields they were always supposed to have. It seems strange CA got it right for the weapons but messed up on the shields, but there you go....

    It doesn't stop them being irritating when they're showering your flanks with javelins, but at least they will finally look right!
    Btw, all this is valid for v1.1 too. Anyways, there you have it folks!

    - A

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