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Thread: JLMPs Vanilla Kingdoms submod 2021

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    Default Re: JLMPs Vanilla Kingdoms submod 2021

    <autoresolve> section in descr_campaign_db: is there a reason why the kingdoms version of this section isn't included? Some say it improves AI taking rebels, but I haven't tried it with Skynet yet

    Also this line <separation_missile_add uint="1.25"/>, are you sure the decimal works?
    Quote Originally Posted by CavalryCmdr View Post
    <separation_missile_add uint = "1"/>
    This one I'm marginally more sure of. This is the number of attacks a missile unit gets before being reduced to just another melee unit. Raise this number and missile units are more powerful in autoresolve, lower it and they are weaker.
    Should this be an integer (and potentially higher)?

    Some more weird news: I started again as Kiev with the latest version, and just got an at war message with England.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Thing is, there were no blockades, attacks or assassination attempts. I am allied to the French, who they are at war with, and their crusade stack just crossed my territory, that's it.

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    Regarding autoresolve, I tinkered with kingdoms settings a bit and realised there are too many variables for me and vanilla one works fine so I left vanilla. Skynet AI takes on rebels very well, so it's not an issue.

    But thanks for reminding me about separation_missile_add, I think it should be "2" - as missile units sizes are (deliberately) less numerous than melee here so it should balance the results. I dunno about the decimal, but all other values use it as well as the other mods (like SS/SSHIP) so I guess it works.

    And about crusaders stack passing by declaring war on you, personally it hasn't happened to me but it seems to be a rare bug:

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    The other values are declared as float though, I haven't seen an unsigned integer (uint) given a decimal in anything else I have installed right now
    Thanks for response, never knew about the bug. Fortunately it hasn't happened with every crusading army.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artorath View Post
    The other values are declared as float though, I haven't seen an unsigned integer (uint) given a decimal in anything else I have installed right now
    Correction, now I see it, yeah it should be an integer there. I will try 2 and see what happens.

    I believe it was 1.5 in SSHIP and some other mod but cant get to check them right now. There was also a speculation I found earlier that it (the separation_missiles) is a distance between missiles and enemy. The other speculation is the one you mentioned, that its the number of volleys. Either way, integer.

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    Beat the long campaign, I had no crashes at all and the mod is in a good place. Some suggestions for further improving over the vanilla game:
    • consider increasing the min delay between attacks of cavalry secondary weapons, especially horse archers and lower quality units. They tend to lawnmower infantry without needing to charge since the animation is so fast.
    • the pagan magician ancillary trigger is quite weird

    Trigger magician_pagan_vnv_trigger
        WhenToTest CharacterTurnEnd
        Condition not AtSea
              and IsGeneral
              and PopulationOwnReligion < 90
              and PopulationHeretic >= 10
              and not Trait Superstitious > 0
        AcquireAncillary magician_pagan chance  5
    requiring Superstitious to get the ancillary would make sense, or requiring its antitrait to be safe from it. Requiring Superstitious to be safe, not so much.
    • not sure why the nun ancillary excludes greek and eastern_european cultures; the orthodox nun trigger is redundant as a result
    • I would drop the occupation reputation bonus to ~0.02 (mirroring a sack) instead of 0.05 (mirroring extermination). One is after all still forcibly taking the settlement and reputation climbs a bit too fast imo
    • not sure this one is vanilla, but greek firethrowers can be really finicky, especially with elevation. I've had battles where they refuse to fire until ~2/3 their range, and a sally defense in a different campaign where they wouldn't fire at all.

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    Thanks, JLMP, for keeping the mod updated.

    Your latest version still has a minor problem from the Pike's v1.4.
    Bucklers on spanish and portuguese soldiers are without textures (the silver model problem).

    Thanks again!

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    Hi, I am new here and was just wondering if the piercing attribute in the export_descr_unit halves armour like ap does in the base game?
    Really sorry if this is a silly question. The mod seems really awesome by the way.

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