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    Now that many of us downloaded the game and started to run it, I'm curious about how the game runs on people's rigs. The reason I'm asking is that I got one of the smoothest runs for any Total War game that I've played. I was actually surprised that, while running at High settings, with unit size at Ultra, with a graphics card like nVidia 1050 GTX, I was expecting to have bad performance but the game ran pretty nice with fast turns and smooth battles. What are people's experience so far?
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    I've got it on a custom setting of Low with 2x aliasing and ultra unit size on a GTX750. I'll adjust more settings the further I get in the game. But I'm not bothered by more eye candy as unit size is the most important setting. Performance is as good as Thrones so no problems on that front.

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    This is my configuration:

    Amd Ryzen 5 3600x
    Ripjaws 16gb 3200cl16
    nVidia Geforce GTX 1080
    Asus Crosshair VIII Hero

    Everything on ultra unit size at extreme in the campaign run very very smooth want go below 120fps but since ive put a fps lock at 120fps they are stuck at 120fps wont move from there absolute astonishing the performance in the campaign..
    in the battle got 80fps even 90 fps when i zoom in to 100% while normaly got more than 100fps when i zoom in at 70% the range is from 40fps to 60 fps. This game is very well polished it runs very smooth.
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    I've got a laptop with the following:

    16 GB Ram
    512GB NVMe SSD
    I5-9300 @ 2.4 Ghz
    Nvidia 1660Ti @ 6GB

    And I can run on Epic unit size, extreme/high settings (some settings only go to high) and my lowest FPS was 31, and averaged around 41 FPS.

    Meanwhile in Warhammer 2 I need to turn down AA (to FXAA) as well as SSAO in order to maintain 30FPS during battles.

    Overall it's an improvement, and the 'end turn time' phase is around 8 seconds
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    There seems to be some annoying freezing around at times, and it's not hardware related. I say at times because sometimes I can play for hours without an issue and other times I get 2 second freezes (only cursor moves but doesn't highlight anything) every other minute.

    As to 'end turn' phase - that only works fast if you are not allied to any faction. Playing as Serpedon and being allied to to the Troy factions I can get myself a coffee from the kitchen and go back for some cookies - or use the super fast (don't follow) F6 button where you don't have a clue what just happened: had two full stacks of Spartans slip by that way and wreak havoc in my homelands as the screen doesn't move at all in that mode.

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    as long as you keep grass quality not too high, performance is great

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