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    The Tsardoms Settlement Policy System was developed to represent the factions attitudes towards the provinces they conquer. Would they grant autonomy and other privileges to their new territory, slowly gaining the loyalty of local leaderships at the expense of financial gain (i.e. a bigger chunk of tax and trade money generating in it will remain there)? Or would the new overlords start their rule with a tight iron fist grip, taking full advantage of the taxes and trade generated there, needing larger garrisons to oppress potential discontent within the population and local nobility, disencouraging revolts? There are two clearly distinct paths to be followed, with different pros and cons: one which grants autonomy; the other forces the integration with the new owning faction. These different attitudes are also not global; one faction can be rather lenient with one of their new provinces and somewhat tyrannical with another. Hence the name settlement (specific) policy.

    The way this is implemented in-game is simple. One single "settlement policy building" chain per faction, with the following structure:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The effects need to be fine-tuned, but basically core autonomy grants public order bonuses and every level gradually makes available new units, while forced assimilation gives access to all the autonomy 3 units but gives public order penalty. I plan to give the autonomy path a trade penalty (since the tax penaly mechanic is broken in the engine) but have not tested values for balancing yet.


    - Basic administration: a province was conquered or bought by the faction. These are the first steps taken by the new overloards in order to assert its power. Only the 1st level of troops, the most basic units (mostly peasants and AoR, I believe) are recruitable until a further development of the faction's grip over the settlement. Effects: PO +5% (Law).

    After that, the faction's central government chooses between two paths:

    - Autonomy: the government decides it's best to "get on the good side" with former ruling class granting them privileges in order to smoothly and steadily assert it's power over the new province. It has 3 levels:
    - Autonomy 1: lot's of privilege to the former ruling class. 2nd level of troops are available. Effects: PO +5% (Law), PO +10% (Happiness), [possibly] -2 level trade income penalty [to simulate the money staying with the local ruling class, since the command for tax penalty is broken and doesn't work; otherwise, I think the AI will always pick autonomy and never force assimilation. Haven't tried this penalty yet]
    - Autonomy 2: a loss of some privileges. They are less happy about it, but we get next level of troops and possibly less trade penalty. Effects: PO +10% (Law), PO +10% (Happiness), [possibly] -1 level trade income penalty.
    - Autonomy 3: only minor privileges remain, other than their symolic nobility titles. Next level troops are recruitable. Effects: PO +15% (Law), PO +10% (Happiness),


    - Forced Assimilation: the government decided to assert its power through force, crushing resistence by the former ruling classes and granting them no privileges. High level of unhappiness, but no economy penalty and can recruit right away the same troops as Autonomy 3. Effects: PO +10% (Law), PO -25% (Happiness).

    Whatever the path chosen previously, the next step is the same:
    - Territory cession: the population and former ruling class have been appeased (or were forced into submission...) and have have no opposition in being a part of the faction. A treaty is signed. Effects: PO +15% (Law), PO +10% (Happiness), Population health +1

    The other two are just the the core region (only in certain regions per faction, considered the faction core) and the region capital, similar to the core only it's in very important regional cities.. Effects: PO +15% (Law), PO +15% (Happiness), Population health +2


    To give gameplay importance to the settlement policy, every single unit has settlement policy levels as conditions for (regular) recruitment.

    Some stuff might be outdated, but here is a summary in more detail from back when I implemented Ragusa as a trial faction.

    Recently, I also managed to tie all the building constructions to the policy buildings.


    - The regular recruitment is completely customised, not vanilla at all.
    - It is functional, there are no CTDs related to the settlement policies and recruitment.
    - It is (and will always be due to the engine being broken this way) not possible to have a building simultaneously with effects and with recruitment conditioned to other buildings presence (settlement policy), or it will CTD whenever you open that buildings information screen.
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    Default Re: The Tsardoms Settlement Policy and Recruitment (PLEASE DO NOT MERGE)


    Our recruitment system is a very important and special feature in our mod. So, in this thread I am hoping to clarify all questions and misunderstandings about it.


    In Medieval 2 the units can be recruited in two ways: regular recruitment (inside a settlement with specific buildings like barracks, etc) or mercenary recruitment (only outside of settlements by a general). These two types work in different ways.

    Regular recruitment is set in data\export_descr_buildings.txt (EDB), with each building that recruits units listing the ones it recruits and the conditions for them to be recruited (only these factions; only available again "x" turns after last recruitment etc). Conditions can also include: hidden_resources, trade resources, or buildings. All these conditions can also be used for effects like public order and to construct buildings.

    Mercenary recruitment is set in specific mercenary pools listed in data\world\maps\campaign\[campaign name]\descr_mercenaries.txt. These pools are tied to specific regions.


    The first thing to understand is what are hidden resources. I've seen people mixing them up with trade resources, but they have nothing in common other than the name. Hidden_resources are no more than "invisible tags" listed in the start of EDB and assigned to regions in descr_regions.

    Their function is mainly to limit a recruitment or a construction to specific regions.
    The famous "Area of Recruitment" (AoR) units available in the regular recruitment only in regions with the hidden_resource that represents their region. Another possible way to do it is to condition these recruitments to the presence of EBII description buildings (e.g. "Macedonia", with description of the region). It works exactly the same but the use of hidden_resources is more common.

    In Tsardoms, however, it's more complex than that, because the AoR interacts with the Settlement Policy system, even using the same hidden_resources.
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    Default Re: The Tsardoms Settlement Policy and Recruitment (PLEASE DO NOT MERGE)


    Tsardoms Total War features a title system which is linked to controlling certain territories. Most of the settlements in the game have a certain title ancillary attached to it (currently only Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Greece have ancillaries in every single settlement, Germany, Italy and Anatolia do not have all of them yet but are partially done). In order to obtain the ancillary generally a general must spend 1 turn in a settlement which has a level 1 feudal estate built. The next turn he will have an ancillary with the name of the title and its effects.

    Generally, the title ancillaries are of 3 types:

    - Imperial ancillaries (such as Holy Roman Emperor, Roman Emperor, Latin Emperor of Constantinopole and so on)
    - Major ancillaries (such as King of Hungary, King of Naples and so on)
    - Minor ancillaries (such as Ban of Severin, Knez of Knin and so on)

    Generally, the titles differ based on the 3 major religions Orthodox, Catholic and Islamic. Sometimes the ancillaries will be the same for all Christian religions.

    The ancillaries all have bonus effects such as additional command points, additional law, farming income, trading income and so on. The harder it is to obtain an ancillary the higher will the bonuses be. The Imperial ancillaries have the highest bonuses.

    The following imperial ancillaries are currently available:

    - Roman Emperor - must be an Orthodox faction, faction leader must spend 1 turn in Constantinopole, patriarch must be in Constantinopole
    - Holy Roman Emperor - must be a Catholic faction, faction must hold the title Archduke of Austria, faction must be in top 5, faction leader must spend 1 turn in Vienna
    - Latin Emperor of Constantinopole - must be a Catholic faction, faction leader must spend 1 turn in Constantinopole, bishop must be in Constantinopole, requires Prince of Achaea, King of Thessalonica, Despot of Epirus (not yet implemented)
    - Kayser (Sultan) of Rum - must be an Islamic faction, faction leader must spend 1 turn in Constantinopole, requires Beylerbey of Rumelia, Beylerbey of Anatolia (not yet implemented)

    The following major ancillaries are currently available:

    Catholic factions

    - King of Hungary - requires Buda (spend 1 turn), faction must control the following ancillaries Ispan Pest, Pozsony, Veszprem, Pecs, Ujlak, Ispan of Temes (Temesvar), Varad, Debrecen, Kassa, Nandofehervar, Zagreb, Voivode of Transilvania (Gyulafehervar, Fagaras, Kronstadt, Beszterce)
    - King of Bosnia - requires Bobovac (spend 1 turn), Blagaj, Doboj, Srebrenik, Jajce, Knez of Knin (Knin), Split
    - King of Croatia and Dalmatia - requires Zagreb(spend 1 turn), Zadar, Split, Jajce, Knin, Pozega
    - Archduke of Austria - requires Wien (spend 1 turn), Gorz, Laibach, Cilli, Sankt_Veit, Gratz, Linz, Innsbruck, Freiburg
    - Duke of Milan - requires Milan (spend 1 turn), faction must control Como, Parma, Brescia, Vicenza, Verona, Padova, Bologna, Pisa
    - King of Naples - requires Napoli (spend 1 turn), faction must control Aquila, Salerno, San_Severo, Bari, Potenza, Cosenza
    - King of Trinacria - requires Palermo (spend 1 turn), faction must control Siracusa, Messina, Mdina
    - King of Sicily - requires King of Naples and King of Trinacria

    Orthodox factions

    - Tsar of Serbia - requires Skopje (faction leader spend 1 turn), requires bishop in Skopje with faction leader,

    Requires faction to control the following ancillaries:

    Despot of Serres (Serres)
    Despot of Branicevo (Branicevo)
    Knez of Kotor (Kotor)
    Despot of Zeta (Skadar)
    Despot of Rascia (Ras) - spend 1 turn in Ras, must be Orthodox, requires faction to also control: Kephale of Uzice, Kephale of Nis, Kephale of Rudnik
    Kephale of Uzice (Uzice)
    Kephale of Nis (Nis)
    Kephale of Rudnik (Rudnik)
    Sevastokrator of Kosovo (Prizren)
    Kephale of Skopje (Skopje)
    Kephale of Novo Brdo (Novo Brdo)
    Sevastokrator of Ohrid (Ohrid)
    Despot of Velbazhd (Stip)
    Despot of Valona (Valona)
    Kephale of Berroia (Berroia)
    Kephale of Kastoria (Kastoria)

    - Tsar of Bulgaria - requires Tarnovo (spend 1 turn), Bdin, Sredets, Tsepina, Plovdiv, Lovets, Nikopol, Drastar, Karvuna, Varna, Nesebar

    Despot of Vidin (Vidin)
    Sebast of Sredets
    Kefaliya of Tsepina
    Sebast of Plovdiv
    Kefaliya of Lovets
    Kefaliya of Nikopol
    Sebast of Drastar
    Kefaliya of Nesebar
    Despot of Dorbrudja

    - Voivode of Wallachia (ancillary can be acquired by Hungary too) - requires Arges (spend 1 turn), faction must control ancillaries Parcalab of Braila (Braila), Ban of Severin (Severin), Ban of Craiova (Craiova), Parcalab of Dambovita (Targoviste), Parcalab of Vlasca (Giurgiu)

    - Voivode of Moldova - requires Suceava (spend 1 turn), Cetatea_Alba, Hotin, Targu_Neamt, Iasi, Chilia (ancillary can be acquired by Hungary too)

    - Prince of Wallachia, Moldova and Trasnilvania - requires Gyulafehervar (leader spend 1 turn), feudal estates level 3 in Gyulafehervar, requires Voivode of Wallachia, Voivode of Moldova, Voivode of Transilvania ancillaries

    - Prince of Achaea - requires Andreville (spend 1 turn), faction must control ancillaries Baron of Corinth (Corinth), Baron of Patras (Patras), Baron of Kalamanta (Modon), Baron of Geraki (Mystras)

    There are many minor ancillaries, most of them requiring one single province and others requiring several provinces. There are ancillaries which will require several provinces together with the control of other ancillaries.

    More important minor ancillaries include (and many more):

    - Ban of Slavonia - requires Zagreb
    - Ban of Croatia and Dalmatia - requires Knin, Split, Zadar
    - Voivode of Transilvania - require Gyulafehervar (spend 1 turn), Fagaras, Kronstadt, Beszterce
    - Duke of Bavaria
    - Despot of Dobrudja - requires Karvuna (spend 1 turn), Sebast of Varna (Varna)
    - Despot of Epirus
    - Prince of Achaea
    - Prince of Albania - spend 1 turn in Durazzo

    There are over 100 ancillaries attached to the settlements throughout the map. Some ancillaries overlap with others. Some are only available to certain factions or to certain religions. Some settlements have different ancillaries depending on factions.
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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Guides

    Is there anything like Despote of Serbia if you have capital at Belgrade?

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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Guides

    No. There is a Despot of Rascia at Ras which requires faction to also control: Kephale of Uzice, Kephale of Nis, Kephale of Rudnik.

    The Despotate of Serbia is the Serbian Shadow Faction which can emerge.

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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Guides

    Where is Shumen on game map? Can't get title "Tsar of Bulgaria".

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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Guides

    Shumen got removed. Do you have all the ancillaries, plus bishop in Tarnovo and also level 3 feudal estates in Tarnovo?

    Sorry the guides are a bit out of date, haven't had time to remove them.
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    I want to coronate my emperor in Constantinople but I have no patriarch. What do I do?
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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Guides

    You don't need a priest/bishop/patriarch for any of the major coronations, that was the theory but it doesn't work in practice.

    Thanks you for pointing out Shumen requirement! The settlement doesn't exist anymore but the requirements for Tsar of Bulgaria haven't been updated.

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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Guides

    So you won't be able to get the Tsar of Bulgaria title in the existing version without some alterations to the files. Open data/export_descr_ancilliaries.txt with Notepad++ and remove this line

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Trigger Become_Tsar_of_Bulgaria
    WhenToTest CharacterTurnEnd
    Condition IsFactionLeader
    and Trait Bulgarian_Tsar = 0
    and FactionwideAncillaryExists despot_of_vidin true
    and FactionwideAncillaryExists sebast_of_sredets true
    and FactionwideAncillaryExists kefaliya_of_tsepina true
    and FactionwideAncillaryExists sebast_of_plovdiv true
    and FactionwideAncillaryExists kefaliya_of_shumen true
    and FactionwideAncillaryExists kefaliya_of_lovets true
    and FactionwideAncillaryExists kefaliya_of_nikopol true
    and FactionwideAncillaryExists sebast_of_drastar true
    and FactionwideAncillaryExists kefaliya_of_nesebar true
    and FactionwideAncillaryExists despot_of_dorbrudja true
    and not FactionCultureType southern_european
    and not FactionCultureType northern_european
    and not FactionCultureType mediterranean
    and not FactionCultureType middle_eastern
    and not FactionCultureType greek
    and not I_WorldwideAncillaryExists crown_king_of_bulgaria
    and not I_WorldwideAncillaryExists crown_tsar_of_bulgaria

    Affects Bulgarian_Tsar 1 Chance 100


    Make a backup of the file first just in case, it might not save-game compatible

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