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Thread: Tsardoms Total War - 1345 Campaign Release (version 2.2)

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    Default Tsardoms Total War - 1345 Campaign Release (version 2.2)

    After more than 12 years of development the team of Tsardoms Total War is proudly presenting the full Campaign v2.2

    The campaign includes factions which have been painstakingly modeled to recreate the historical reality of the period 1345 to 1530. Many of the units have been made and remade several times by several of our members. We have tried to stay as close to historical reality as possible within game limitations and also gameplay considerations. Huge amounts of time and research have gone into creating the units, factions, unit descriptions and faction descriptions. We would like our mod to be used as a reference for the time period and be a fully playable historical simulation. That being said we are always open to criticism and will endeavour to fix any inaccuracies or any issues raised.

    - Download the mod from one of the following links:

    - Unpack the mod in the Mods folder of your Medieval 2 Total War folder using the installer. PLEASE ENSURE YOU UNPACK IN THE MODS FOLDER NOT THE MAIN MEDIEVAL 2 FOLDER

    - Steam installation: follow the same instructions as above, than go into Steam right click on the Medieval 2 Kingdoms game, go to Properties, then go to Set Launch Options and replace what is there with the following --features.mod=mods/Tsardoms-2.2
    Basically for Steam the actual name of the Tsardoms folder and executable file must be there

    Mod Features

    This post has a detailed breakdown of mod features, scripts, factions and more

    Tutorials and Guides

    Guide and explanation of the Settlement Administration Policy and recruitment:
    Explanation of the ancillary title system and the various crowns:
    Explanation of unit AOR and availability dates/events: in progress

    Known issues and things to be aware of:

    - Merchants can only be trained by the merchant republics - Venice, Genoa, Ragusa and Florence and by Aydin
    - Bavaria and Albania were added at the last minute to fill in an empty part of the map, it is not fully developed and may have some issues
    - The vanilla mercenary recruitment from the strat map is now used for the AOR recruitment of local units (for example Albanians, Vlachs, Szekely, Cossacks etc), mercenaries are recruited through the mercenary barracks and are also specific to certain factions and map areas
    - There are quite long turn times, we are looking into ways to reduce this

    Please make sure you report any bugs or CTDs in this thread:


    A full list of credits can be found here below.

    If you have contributed to the mod or your materials were used and you are not listed in the credits please contact us. The mod has been in development for over a decade and there have been dozens of people working on it so it is possible that it might have been omitted or the team member that used the materials left the mod without letting us know.

    Permission to use materials

    We have a fairly open policy in regards to permission to use materials. First and foremost we will give permission to use our materials to any mod team that has given us help or that have given us their materials. After that we are happy to trade our units and materials to anyone that will be happy to share their materials with us. If your mod has nothing we need we can still give permission to use the materials. Historical mods will get permission first and only later we will give permission to fantasy mods as we would like to encourage the creation of historical simulations first and foremost. We will deny permission to use materials if we believe your mod is either purposefully not historical or has other issues. Also, permission to use, modify or take parts of our units is given on a faction by faction basis depending on the original creator. Also, some factions or units (such as the Magyar infantry units) come from other mods and as such permission is not ours to give and you must contact the original creators. Please ask Wallachian for permission to use and he will confirm whether it is given or not.

    If no member of the team has been active in the forum for more than 6 months and has not replied for more than 6 months we give permission to anyone to use our mod and materials.

    Future Plans

    The mod is by no means ready. We have a lot of plans to improve all of the aspects, add more unique buildings, add more building chains (education, religious buildings, cathedrals, sanitation, hopsitals, economic buidlings), add more scripts and historical events (hussite invasions, tatar raids, aragonese invasions, burgundian invasions, french invasions, mamluk invasions etc.), add more emerging heroes (the plan is for each faction to have its own set of emerging heroes), further refine the ancillary title system, further work on the administration system and the feudal system and much much more.

    We also would love to have a late era campaign to feature the fall of Constantinopole, showcase all of the late era units without having to wait 150 turns to see them and role play with heroes of the age such as Vlad the Impaler, Mehmed the Conqueror, Janos Hunyadi or Skanderbeg. Another idea is to have a 1400 campaign and have the Timurids playable.

    However, for all of this to happen we badly need assistance as we are a very small team. We are looking for coders and scripters mainly to help with adding all of the above and do things such as change the starting position, the settlement ownership, the family trees. If you are passionate about history and interested in the period please do not hesitate to contact us.
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    Default Re: Dev Information - Campaign Mod Folder

    Here are some alternative features to be installed:


    IVSTINIANVS' Music Pack
    step 1. Download the file here: Please put these "FixedFiles" first into your Data Folder BEFORE you Install any mod! Otherwise the game crashes and has missing sounds afterwards.
    step 2. Decompress the file and copy the 'data' folder into the main mod folder, i.e. 'Tsardoms_beta-1.4'
    step 3. Run 'submod\music_pack\install_music_pack.bat'
    step 4. Run 'Tsardoms_beta-1.4\rwm cleaner.bat'
    step 5. Finished!

    How to Install video:

    Native Language Pack
    step 1. Download the file here:

    IMPORTANT: Put the "FixedFiles" first into your Data folder BEFORE you install any mod!

    step 2. Decompress the file and copy the 'data' folder into the main mod folder, i.e. 'Tsardoms_beta-1.4'
    step 3. Run 'Tsardoms_beta-1.0\submod\native_language\install_native_language.bat'
    step 4. Finished!

    If for some reason the installer doesn't work probably, please just copy the inside of the folders manually into data. Works too.

    Thank you to crosscheck86 for fixing these for us!

    Vanilla Resource Models
    The mod defaultly use new resource models, but due to Kanteljic's demand here is the way to go back to vanilla resource models. It is recommended that you try the new models first, then install this feature if you don't like them.

    step 1. Run 'Tsardoms_beta-1.3\submod\resource_models\install_vanilla_models.bat'
    step 2. Finished!
    Bellum Crucis Cursors
    Activate the Bellum Crucis cursors you can find in 1.0, which was removed in 1.0.2.

    step 1. Run 'Tsardoms_beta-1.3\submod\cursors\install_BC_cursors.bat'
    step 2. Finished!
    Every sub-features can be reverted back by running the other .bat file in the corresponding folder.
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    Default Re: Dev Information - Campaign Mod Folder




    Hrobatos (former leader)


    phoenix[illusion] (former leader) | Matthĉus (former leader)
    Sarmatian (former leader) | il duce ! (former leader)
    The Bulgar Slayer | matija191
    SpyrosM91 | Thinkerman
    2Shy | VINC.XXIII
    DobroVece | danny x
    Vipman | Cesco
    Bardas Phokas | IVSTINIANVS I

    Technical Advise & Support
    Aneirin | Gigantus

    Campaign Map Creation

    Settlement Strat Models

    il duce ! | phoenix[illusion]

    New Cities Strat Models (by Agart)

    Campaign Character Models
    phoenix[illusion] | il duce !

    Bellum Crucis
    Machiavello Total War
    Ogniem i Mieczem II
    Rusichi: Total War

    Trade Resource Models

    Machiavello Total War
    Stainless Steel Historical Improvement Project (SSHIP)

    Map Textures

    Former Mappers
    il duce ! | SpyrosM91
    danny X

    Coding and scripts
    Jurcek1987 | Alondite
    kanteljic | Lusitanio

    il duce | SpyrosM91
    Vipman | Aneirin

    A.J. Stoner | ilmrik
    Taiji | TNZ
    Swagger | Withwnar
    GrnEyedDvl | Gigantus
    Blood, Broads, & Bastards | Dominion of the Sword

    Campaign AI and Diplomacy
    Miszel | Alondite

    Settlement Policy System


    Recruitment System Development

    Recruitment Implementation and Improvement


    Traits and Ancillaries
    Lusitanio | jurcek1987
    SpyrosM91 | il duce !

    Unit Balancing

    based on
    RC/RR submod for Stainless Steel by k/t

    Accents and Sounds Coding
    Alondite | crosscheck86

    Unit Models & Skinning

    phoenix[illusion] | Matthĉus
    Hrobatos | VINC.XXIII
    Cesco | jurcek1987
    Bardas Phokas | Miszel
    Artizan | Il_duce
    Moravexxx | Adnan
    Royal Jester | alien_t

    Arms and Armour | Medieval helmet pack
    Rath0s OSP models | Narf's Men-at-Arms Armour Pack
    Narf's Plate Armour Pack | Narf's Transitional Armour Pack
    M&B OSP mods | Rusichi Total War
    Absinthia | CBUR and Ceasar Clivus
    Madtao | dome
    Disgruntled Goat | Lord Hamilton
    Broken Crescent

    Menu Interface & Splash Art

    Mod Logo

    Faction Symbols
    DobroVece | kanteljic

    Concept Art & 2D Art
    Thinkerman | Miszel
    DobroVece | Hrobatos
    Bardas Phokas | cedric37

    Campaign UI

    Event Pictures
    Hrobatos | Miszel
    Alondite | Wallachian


    Unit Cards and Unit Info Cards
    morfeasnikos | Hrobatos
    thekingsmen | Royal Jester
    Dusan Silni | hyretic
    xHolyCrusaderx | Miszel

    H.E.L.P. Project

    Character Portraits
    Miszel | pitchwhite

    Faction Texts

    Unit Information, Texts & Previews
    Wallachian | SpyrosM91
    Darios | Rampante-Cid

    Building & Event Texts
    Wallachian | Darios

    Music Gathering and Arrangement

    2Shy | SpyrosM91

    Video Trailers and AARs

    Fanhat | MrNygren


    Wallachian | Hrobatos
    Tureuki | kanteljic
    SpyrosM91 | Matija191
    Ampra | alien_t
    Bagatyr | Kavhan Isbul
    Romano-Dacis | The Bulgar Slayer
    Tzar | NekoGenijalan
    NikeBG | Mircea

    Fan Assistance & Research

    PekoBG, hackera96, NikeBG (Bulgaria)
    Elendil 03, Knight2708, Bosnae, Bartholomaios Sklabos (Austria, Switzerland, Germany)
    Svir@c, Bosnian_King (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia)
    Vazul's Ghost (Hungary)


    Magyar Mod & dome - Magyar infantry units
    Lithuania Mod/Baltic Total War & Madtao - Lithuanian units, models, textures
    Bulgaria Total War and alien_t, gogo_t, NikeBG - Turnovo Tsarevets model, models, textures
    The Great Conflicts and AnthoniusII, _Tartaros_ - strat map textures
    Rusichi Total War - unit models, textures, strat models
    Broken Crescent & Byzantineboy - units, models, textures, strat map items, scripts
    SicilianVespers - models, textures
    Absinthia - unit models, textures
    CBUR and Caesar Clivus - unit models, textures, roman career system
    Bellum Crucis - various models, textures, scripts, 2d art, buildings
    Anatolian Principalities - unit models, textures, strat models, flags
    Machiavello Total War & The_Housekeeper, Mylae, Cesco - character icons, unit models, textures, strat models, flags and other
    Shredder & Ogniem i Mieczim II - unit models, textures, strat models
    Medieval Kingdoms Total War 1212 (MKTW) & Warman222, Lucem Mundus and Finix (2d art) - models and textures, building icons
    The Italian Wars (DIK) & Aneirin, Iskar - event pictures, scripts, skins
    Macamilus - Italian & Western character icons, resource models and more
    The Italian Wars 1493 - 1559 TW & LEZVIE - unit models, textures, strat models, battle map settlements
    Bulat Steel 2.1.5 LYNNV Edition TW & Leeekaaa - building icons
    Dominion of the Sword - event images
    cossacks368 & The Imperial Conflict 1405 ( Timurids
    cedric37 - UI
    Melooo182 - Viva la Rebellion!, Kingdoms, Empires and Republics etc.
    shroedoz - models, textures
    agart - strat map models
    Germanicu5 ReallyBadAI - AI
    HELP Project
    Hyretic - icons, banners, unit cards for ragusa
    Caudillo & Roman Pack - unit models, textures
    LaCa - Byzantine unit models, textures
    BHCluster & Bosnia Mod - Bosnian flags
    PointBlank and Real Combat/Real Recruitment - recruitment system and stats
    Lord Calidor - unit models, textures
    Lord Hamilton & Stainless Steel submod
    Stainless Steel Historical Improvement Project & Lifthrasir, MWY - strat map settlement models
    Burreck - unit models, textures
    Art of War (Joedreck and Salty) - weapon models, textures
    Mackie's OSP Weapons Pack - weapon models, textures
    Ninja - weapon models, textures
    Dejawolf OSP Armour - armour models, textures
    Yamabusi OSP (Surgean and Highland Warrior) - unit models, textures
    Shredzorz (OSP Medieval Weapons) - weapon models, textures
    Disgrunteld Goat and 1066 Mod - unit models, skins
    GeMiNi][SaNDy and Western Unit Overhaul - unit models, skins
    Mr. Crow's Warwagon Mod - war wagons
    Bellum Crucis - unit materials, traits, ancillaries, buildings
    Swagger - Swagger's Sky Mod (
    Hereje - High Quality Sky Textures Project 1.0 (
    Headlock - Increased Musket/Arquebus Smoke (
    Magus - Patched: Crimson Tide 4.2 (blood,sand,dirt,snow) -Medieval combat isn't pretty
    DAVIDE - Better Water 2 (
    Total Vanilla - new buildings for settlements
    East of Rome - Greek settlement textures
    EBII - Skynet Battle AI, scripts
    Epiccaesarlol's Sound Mod - new weapon sounds
    Empire Total War - models and textures
    Atilla Total War - models and textures
    Medieval 2: Kingdoms Total War
    M&B Mods used for parts of models, units, weapons, textures:
    Narf's Plate Armour Pack
    Narf's Transitional Armour Pack
    Narf's Men-at-Arms Armour Pack
    Arms and Armour
    Rath0s OSP models
    Medieval Helmet Pack

    If you have contributed to the mod or your materials were used and you are not listed in the credits please contact us. The mod has been in development for over a decade and there have been dozens of people working on it so it is possible that it might have been omitted or the team member that used the materials left the mod without letting us know.
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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Campaign Release

    Mod Features


    Catholic factions:

    01. Kingdom of Hungary
    02. Kingdom of Croatia
    03. Republic of Ragusa
    04. Duchy of Athens
    05. Knights of St.John
    06. Republic of Venice
    07. Duchy of Milan
    08. Republic of Genoa
    09. Republic of Florence
    10. Kingdom of Sicily (Naples)
    11. Kingdom of Trinacria (Sicily)
    12. Duchy of Austria
    13. Duchy of Bavaria
    14. Swiss Confederacy

    Kristjani/Catholic factions:
    15. Banate of Bosnia

    Orthodox factions:
    16. Tsardom of Serbia
    17. Tsardom of Bulgaria
    18. Principality of Wallachia
    19. Principality of Moldova
    20. Roman Empire - Imperial Regency

    Muslim factions:
    21. The Golden Horde
    22. Ottoman Empire
    23. Emirate of Aydin
    24. Emirate of Karaman

    Emergent/Non Playable factions:
    25. Roman Empire - House of Kantakouzenoi
    26. The Papal States
    27. Timurid Empire
    28. Hungarian Oligarchs
    29. Despotate of Serbia


    - Tsardoms historical campaign - starts 1345 and ends 1530 with all scripts activated
    - Free campaign - sandbox campaign that starts in 1345 but with less scripts and with Papal States playable

    Strategic Map Features:

    - Completely new map of the Balkans, Anatolia and Italy with new textures, settlements and ports placed using satellite data, mountain passes, roads and rivers that will follow their real-life course, Danube river separates the map
    - New strat map settlement models for all cultures
    - New character models (captain, heir, leader as well as agents, diplomats, priests, bishops, assassins, princesses, heretics) for all factions
    - New resource models
    - Unique strat map models for important cities (Constantinopole, Turnovo, Buda, Vienna, Kronstadt, Cetatea Alba, Smyrna, Rhodes, Palermo, Rome, Florence, Milan, Genoa, Venice, Naples, Konya)
    - New event pictures for all of the cultures
    - New generic character images for all cultures
    - Unique characters on the map at start date (Dusan IV of Serbia, Lajos the Great of Hungary, Basarab I of Wallachia, Ivan Alexander of Bulgaria and more)
    - Unique character portraits for unique characters and heroes
    - Unique landmark buildings in settlements with powerful effects (Tower of Galata, Fort Lovrijenac of Ragusa etc.)
    - New building chains (Danube trade, feudal estates, mercenary barracks, agricultural improvements, jewish quarter etc.)
    - New religion (krstjani of Bosnia with their own unique building chains and effects) as well as split between Avignon Papacy Catholics and Rome Papacy Catholics
    - Permanent Stone Forts that will represent real fortified cities in the game map
    - New ships for various factions (chaika, galea sottile, galea grossa etc) as well as new 3D ship models for each culture/faction group
    - Biographies for a lot of the starting characters (hover mouse over the Biography trait of various rulers)
    - New music for each culture or faction group specific to the period (optional)
    - Native speech for Italian, German, Spanish and French factions (optional)

    Battle Map Features:

    - Unique battle map model of Turnovo (capital of Bulgaria) - preview here
    - Reskinned and redone battle map models for the Greek, Italian and Central European/Germanic factions
    - Brand new modelled and skinned units for all factions (no vanilla units exist in the mod)
    - Historical upgrade system which follows the historical development of armour (Transitional, Churburg, Milanese/Gothic, Maximilian/Avant)
    - Brand new officers, banner carriers, handheld banners, floating banners and flags for all factions
    - Animated bow strings and crossbow strings
    - New animations, gunpowder smoke effects, improved water and sky
    - RR/RC system for all unit stats and abilities

    Scripting Features:

    - emerging Timurids in Anatolia at the right historical time
    - emerging shadow factions for Serbia and Hungary when they become too large or too unstable
    - Unification of the Roman Empire
    - Fully scripted Black Plague ravaging through Europe (option to turn it off)
    - Noble houses - each faction has 4 houses, the ruling house and 3 other noble houses
    - Guelph vs Ghibelline traits in Genoa, Milan and Florence
    - Supply script which adds cost to armies campaigning in foreign territories and to armies besieging settlements (option to turn it off)
    - Garrison script for all faction capitals and major cities
    - Fully developed AOR for local unit recruitment and mercenary system
    - New administration system with provinces split between Core provinces (home regions) and Foreign provinces (choice between Integration or Autonomy) which will impact the recruitment, happiness and income of a province
    - Over 100 ancillaries for noble titles linked to settlements ranging from minor (Prince of Achea, Ban of Croatia, Voivode of Transilvania), to major (King of Hungary, King of Croatia, King of Bosnia etc.) and imperial (Holy Roman Emperor, Roman Emperor etc.) with various bonuses and all linked through a complex system
    - Coronation scripts and events linked to the above title system for all of the major crowns (King of Naples, King of Hungary, King of Croatia etc.)
    - Historical mercenary companies available for recruitment (Catalan Company and many others)
    - Scripted invasions and rebellions at historical dates (1354 Ottoman conquest of Gallipoli, 1358 Karl Thopia rebellion in Albania, 1366 Savoyard Crusade in Bulgaria etc.)
    - Emerging heroes that appear at various historical dates (Vlad the Impaler, Janos Hunyadi, Skanderbeg, Mehmed the Conqueror, Bayezid the Thunderbolt and many more)
    - Dozens of historical events which will unlock units (for example Lazarevic Decree unlocks Hussars, Hussite wars unlock hussite mercenaries, reform of Maximilian unlocks Landsknechts and so on) or make units obsolete (Cuman assimilation locks recruitment of Cumans)
    - Dozens of historical event announcements which follow the real life events as they unfolded in history (inventions, disasters, wars and much more )
    - Naval scripts such as pirate raids, blockades and port raids which will either result in a loss or gain of money
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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Campaign Release

    Patch Notes v 2.0

    - new faction Kingdom of Bohemia which replaces Shadow Hungary. Preview here:
    - a host of historical characters for Bohemia and historical scripts including the choice between Hussite and Catholic factions which will have different units depending on your choice
    - Playable Kantakouzenoi - includes historical characters and unification script. Preview here:
    - large amount of historical events for the Principality of Wallachia including the Draculesti/Danesti feud, civil wars and rebellions (rebellions of Vlad the Usurper, Radu the Handsome, Basarab the Little Impaler), emerging historical characters (such as Parvu and Barbu Craiovescu, Neagoe Basarab, Laiota Basarab, Dan II and more). Preview here:
    - new ancillaries representing the Byzantine thematic system. Preview here:
    - economic rework with a reduction of trade income and increase of farming income so that there is a harder choice between agricultural and trade regions
    - new host of historical events for Albania including emerging historical characters and rebellions
    - new host of emerging historical characters for Hospitallers (all of the historical Grand Masters from the game's timeframe)
    - settlement renaming script depending on which faction owns a settlement. Screenshots here:
    - siege of Caffa event in the first turn added for Genoa. Screenshot here:
    - Transilvanian peasant revolt of 1437 added as a major rebellion in Hungary. Screenshot here
    - Several new events for Austria including the Gugler War (1375) and emerging characters such as Nikolaus von Salm, Maximilian I, Ferdinand I and Georg von Frundsberg . Screenshot here:
    - The Kingdom of Naples will have a host of new events associated with the choice between saving or murdering Andre of Anjou including a Hungarian invasion, condottiere invasions, rebellions and more. Screenshots here:
    - new central European campaign map settlements. Screenshots here:
    - new campaign map model for Nandorfehervar/Belgrade. Screenshots here:
    - new custom character images for every single Italian general including both the main factions as well as all the rebel. Screenshots here:
    - new faction specific title ancillaries for Venice. Screenshots here:
    - many new ancillaries for various factions and cultures. Screenshots here:
    - campaign map updated with the placement of monasteries, small villages and named PSFs. Screenshots for Wallachia and Switzerland
    - reduction in the age characters live up to, now there will no longer be large amounts of 70-80 year olds on the map
    - settlement changes: La Canea replaced with Kamenets-Podolski
    - a lot of bugs and minor fixes including the Messina battle model fix, the non-shooting Cannon towers, the short ladders and more

    A big thank you to MIKE GOLF for joining and helping us fix a whole raft of issues, bugs, errors and the like!

    Patch Notes v 1.5

    - the UI crash linked to right clicking on buildings has been fixed
    - the crash which was fixed in the latest hotfix related to the recruitment has been fixed
    - hopefully the bug with the insta death of the Byzantines and the Kantakouzenos at the same time has been fixed. We think this happened when the faction leader and heir died at the same time. We have enhanced the family trees of all the noble Byzantine families so there should now be plenty of heirs preventing this insta death to happen
    - a major rework of the AI which will make the AI factions a lot more aggressive and active. They will no longer just stay within their territory
    - more aggressive rebels which will actually attack your armies
    - VINC's new ancillaries based on historical characters which will appear at historical times in specific settlements
    - there will be a host of new historical characters spawned for Venice, Genoa, Milan, Austria, Hungary and others
    - a new famous Condottiere event (Alberico Barbiano) in Italy for Milan and Naples
    - a corruption script which will severely hit the player's economy if their treasury is higher than 30,000
    - the spawned rebel armies scripts (Hussite Wars, Polish invasion, Lithuanian invasion) will now only happen if the player controls the affected faction. This was previously an issue as the AI could not handle those invasions and was actually
    - the Savoyard Crusade will hit Bulgaria in 1366 with the Green Prince Amadeus of Savoy invading Nesebar and Varna
    - a rework of the Ottoman unit availability which will reduce the rate of Janissary recruitment and aim towards more historical number of janissaries in armies (historically they were about 15% of Ottoman armies) and more forced use of lower tier azaps and yayas
    - a reduction in the Timurid armies (experience and number reduced) due to the fact that the AI can not handle them as well as the player and they cripple the Ottomans
    - a tweak in unhappiness due to religion
    - a new colonial building for Genoa, Venice and Ragusa to help them hold on to colonies with high foreign religions
    - new raider script and a spawned fleet script added

    The raiders script will involve frequent raiding in your territory by Tatars, Ottomans, Hospitallers, Aydinids etc if they own certain settlements. For example, if you are playing as Moldova and the Tatars own Cetatea Alba they will be sending frequent raids into Suceava lowering your money (plundering). This makes it imperative that the player quickly attacks those settlements to prevent raiding.

    The spawned fleet script will help the AI for the maritime states (Venice, Ragusa, Genoa) who were known to use their fleets to raid and attack their enemies. These spawned fleets will blockade your ports and be a terrible nuissance.

    Patch Notes v 1.4

    New Features and Changes:

    - new faction - Princedom of Albania replacing the Script Utilities faction (previously used for scripting purposes)
    - new characters added for Albania including Karl Topia and George Kastrioti (Skanderbeg)
    - new units for Albania including Arvanite Heavy Lancers, Albanian Horse Archers, Albanian Nobles and Albanian Bodyguard
    - new career system for characters of Genoa, Florence and Venice (from Kingdoms, Empires and Republics by Meloo)
    - new ancillary titles added in Italy (eg. Marquis of Montferrat) and Balkans (eg. Count of Mat, Prince of Albania, Duke of Durazzo)
    - Hussite wars and scripted Hussite invasions - Hungary, Austria and Bavaria will be invaded by large amounts of rebel stacks between 1419 and 1449
    - Scripted invasions - Tatar raid of Hungary 1345, Polish invasion of Halych 1349, Lithuanian invasion of the Steppe (battle of Blue Waters) 1362
    - John Hawkwood condottieri Yes/No event for Milan and Florence - pay 5000 florins to hire him or face his army in battle
    - Serbian Coronation event mission of Dusan IV with rewards for achieving it
    - coronation even for achieving the ancillary of Prince of Wallachia, Moldova and Transilvania now also gives some units and a special character (Preda Buzescu) as reward
    - new spawned unique characters for Venice including known historical characters from the 4 main houses in order to keep all of the noble houses alive throughout the mod period, Sigismund of Luxembourg also spawns for Hungary and can become heir to the throne
    - 2 new Armenian mercenary units in South-East Anatolia
    - Catholic factions can now get generals that come from knightly orders such as the Teutonic order
    - new buildings - Armenian Quarters, Frankish Quarters, Saxon Quarters
    - new building - Salt Mines
    - new building - Colonies for Venice, Genoa and Ragusa

    Game Changes

    - Holy Roman Emperor ancillary is now obtained differently - first must be crowned as King of Italy and travel to Rome before obtaining the Imperial title
    - Yes/No event giving the player the option to deactivate the Black Death (keep in mind the Black Death DID NOT kill of factions but rather the Teutonic family tree bug)
    - settlement changes - added Bihac, Asti, removed Tunis, Rimini, replaced Alessia with Kruje
    - garrison scripts added to many rebel settlements on the map including most of North Italy, Germany and Halych. It will now be a lot harder to conquer certain rebels.
    - tons of new traits like the royal bloodlines, education and many more
    - reduced the strength of the Timurid stacks by reducing their unit experience levels
    - removed armoured barding from Sipahi Lancers and replaced with cloth barding
    - removed custom settlement battle map texture for Italy and Germany as well as custom artillery and some armoured horses due to permission issues
    - Aydinids now also have access to merchants as a seafaring state
    - huge reduction in the conversion rate for priests and churches, it will now be a lot harder to convert a province and hence a lot harder to manage a newly occupied province from a different religion
    - reduced the large population of Venice, Milan and Florence to more manageable levels
    - increase effect of different religions in a settlement - there will be higher unhappiness levels related to this now
    - tweaked the Ottoman economy, they will now be making less money from trade but the unit sizes for siphais, cebelus, azaps etc have doubled. The Ottomans will now have armies with much higher number of soldiers
    - tweaked Italian states economy to reduce the income of Central Italian settlements
    - increase the costs for the hardcore script - 750 per stack in enemy territory and 1500 for siege

    Bug Fixes:

    - fixed issue related to the Teutonic family tree causing several factions to die off (Venice, Genoa, Florence) - these factions now no longer have family trees, their noble houses will be kept alive by spawning of historical characters and generals will be recruitable at a high cost. They will not get adoptions either.
    - fixed crashes associated with the unit issues (German Pavise Spearmen, Hungarian Crossbowmen etc.)
    - fixed issue with unique characters such as Mehmet the Conqueror or Vlad the Impaler not becoming faction heirs when emerging
    - spawned heroes such as Mehmed the Conqueror and Vlad the Impaler will now be next heir
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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Campaign Release

    Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the full Tsardoms campaign!

    There will be more updates in the coming days but thought this would be a nice early Christmas present for everyone!

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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Campaign Release

    Wow! What a Christmas present!

    That's right guys. The link is in the OP. Full public campaign release! Enjoy!

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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Campaign Release

    This is for real!
    Hahahah i cant belive iv got something for the corona christmas. And u actualy supridsed us,there vast even a fan asking for a christmas relese!!

    Thak u wall,mery christmas. <3

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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Campaign Release

    Hi ! Merry Christimas Guys ! Congratulations on the release, i'm trying to download via the mega link, but now it says that the file don't exist anymore, it's just to me that's happening or did the link truly went down ?

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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Campaign Release

    Damn. Indeed the link seems to have died. Will need to reupload it

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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Campaign Release

    Will you just edit the link of the OP or just post in the Thread Wallachian ?

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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Campaign Release

    I will replace the link in the OP but also let you know when it's ready. Uploading again now.

    Everyone must rep Jurcek and kanteljic for their hard work in the past few days, taking time away from their families to make this happen on time for Christmas!

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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Campaign Release

    Will do Wallachian ! I can't even imagine the work that was put in this, huge props for everyone involved, thanks for this huge Christimas gift !

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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Campaign Release

    The link worked for me
    Still downloading.

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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Campaign Release

    Really ? It was the same link in the OP ?

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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Campaign Release

    Best Christmas present definetly! But for me it also sais that the file is no longer available

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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Campaign Release

    its stil downloading for me
    im at 41%

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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Campaign Release

    Maybe you should upoald the file on modDB?

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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Campaign Release

    The link is now updated in the opening post. Use the updated link. If you started downloading the old link just cancel that and start again using the new link.

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    Default Re: Tsardoms Total War - Campaign Release

    what will hapen if i download to the end?

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