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    CA uploaded a new video showcasing some of the changes they've made based on feedback people gave:

    We've made some changes since Troy's big announce, so we thought why not take a quick look at a few of them as the development team continues to build up to launch.
    Would be lovely if they made more of such videos to showcase the changes they make precisely.
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    Given how minor and cosmetic the majority of the listed changes are, I doubt there's sufficient content to justify more videos. Some of them are fine, especially the arrows one (I hate them, ever since their overblown implementation in Shogun II), but I really dislike the complete neutralisation of flanking for certain units (presumably elit guards). Hammer and anvil is the most basic tactics and morale is a necessary requirement for them to work cost-efficiently. Traditional manoevring have already taken a big hit with legendary lords, so it's sad to notice more of this trend in a game, which supposedly aims to depict the truth behind the myth. I really hope that the victory will not be decided by the number of clicking, magic abilities and the prowess of heroes, but the available footage has so far made me a bit pessimistic over the prospects of strategy in Troy.

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    Yeah, I wouldn't want to see victory being based on clicking magic abilities either. As there are tales of ancient legendary heroes, from Rostam to Achilles to Cú Chulainn (and no doubt many more in different countries), I wouldn't mind if heroic actions could tip the balance in a close battle. For me, it depends how much difference heroes make. I believe that Troy doesn't have an equivalent of the choice between 'Romance' and 'Records' mode in Three Kingdoms, is that right? Without this, it may be difficult for the developers to please both fans of legendary lords (who expect them to make a big difference in battles) and those who prefer more historical realism. Maybe historical realism mods will be popular?

    I agree that different levels of arrow trails would be nice to have. I don't mind them much; trails seem a bit thicker than necessary in some games (I notice this in Warhammer). Even so, I like knowing which units is shooting at who, I can see where to send my anti-skirmishers units.

    I'd be interested to know which units are immune to flanking and whether there's a basis for this. I can imagine an exceptionally disciplined unit turning its rear rank and fighting effectively on both sides. In a much later period, at the Battle of Alexandria in 1801, when French cavalry broke through British lines and formed up to charge the 28th (Gloucestershire) Regiment from the rear, the 28th didn't have time to form square. The rear rank turned and the regiment defended itself on both sides. After this feat, the regiment added an Egyptian sphynx symbol to the back to their headdress (source). I know, this was in a very different era. Even so, Napoleonic line infantry defending against melee cavalry with bayonets are similar to spearmen - and I imagine that disciplined ancient spearmen would quickly turn and form a line against an attack from the rear. To be fair, one or two lines of spears would be less effective than the usual formation, so perhaps it would be been better for the effects of flanking to be reduced, not eliminated.
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