First, the context:
I had married one of Ma Teng's son into my family (Legendary character), and was eager to get another (this time female) legendary character just as she comes of age, when she did came of age, the option for marriage did not appear.

First I thought it was some diplomatic filter, but I failed to find anything resembling it in the DB tables.(I did some basic modding for Rome 2 and am a 3rd year CS student, so I am 70% sure it isn't there)
Now my theory is that the reason option is not there, is because now the Whole Ma Teng's family are distant relatives and cant be married.

My goal is to remove the either "distant relative" marriage restriction or marriage maximum/cool-down in a tiny REMOVABLE mod. To allow me to "collect them all" without outright cheating.

I need help finding the tables where I could edit either of those parameters.

Thank you in advance.