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    Are there any Load Screen mods that would not conflict with this amazing mod?

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    Yes of course, I recently released Absolutum Dominium loading screen here:

    It's a stand-along mod with new loading screens depicting historical moments during the 18th century by artist Graham Turner.

    Battle of Lake George
    French forces attack the British camp at Lake George on 8th September 1755, with regular troops of the Languedoc and La Reine regiments firing by platoons while Canadians and Indians fire from the cover of the trees.

    The Cavalry Action at the Battle of Blenheim
    Irishman Peter Drake was serving with the elite French Gendarmes Anglais, and became separated from his unit when he found himself confronted b some of Von Bulow's men. 'I approached the German officer. He had a pistol cocked in his hand, aiming the muzzle of his pistol at my right shoulder and firing. I fired my carbine at the same time so that his shot and mine went off instantaneously. I shot the upper part of his head and he tumbled forward. I saw his brains come down. His ball only grazed my shoulder and tore the flesh a little.'

    The Battle of Blenheim, 1704
    The British Foot Guards cross the Nebel stream as they advance towards Blenheim.

    George Washington at Valley Forge
    George Washington and his subordinates develop their plans for the 1778 campaign season at their winter headquarters in Potts House, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

    With Washington are Major-General Charles Lee, Major-General Friedrich "Baron" von Steuben, Major-General William Alexander, Major-General Anthony Wayne, Major-General Nathanael Greene, Gilbert du Motier, the Marquis de Lafayette, Brigadier-General Henry Knox and Colonels Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens.

    The Battle of Cowpens
    American Militia and Continental Dragoons counterattack the British left flank after their point-blank volley leaves the redcoats shattered.

    Battle of Malplaquet 1709
    Attacking with 30 battalions against twice that number of entrenched French infantry, supported by a battery of 20 guns, the Dutch suffered horrendous casualties. Although they succeeded in forcing the French entrenchments in two places, they lost 5,000 men in the first 30 minutes alone. A counter-attack re-established the French line, and the Dutch began to fall back. His horse having been shot under him, the Prince of Orange rallied his decimated troops for a second assault. He seized the flag of May’s regiment and ran up the French earthworks to plant it on the parapet, encouraging his men to make a second attack. Some turned back, but others followed, striving to force a way over the entrenchments as the French defenders poured fire into their ranks. The second attack was in vain. The Dutch line wavered, and the exhausted, shell-shocked men began to fall back again. A general retreat ensued, which the French did not follow up.

    Charge of the Musketeers at Fontenoy, 1745

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