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Thread: Two-handed weapons on horseback testing

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    So, in this video He tries out using a two-handed pollaxe from his horseback, to try out the thing that apparently in some medieval tapestries and manuscripts we do see two-handed polearms, and even swords. Like these two images from the Morgan and Maciejowski bibles respectively

    His conclusion of it basically was that even though he lost some degree of control of his horse, it is very much possible. And though a bit less effective than a lance on the charge, it would be devestating if you got into a melee.

    Could maybe serve as some inspiration for units?

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    As the video embed didn't work

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    Default Re: Two-handed weapons on horseback testing

    Your link simply needs to be embedded like this: [youtube]n5kiJrSC7SU[/youtube]

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