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Thread: 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

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    Default 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Hotseat Awards!

    2019/20 TWC Hotseat Awards

    It is time for the 7th annual TWC hotseat awards! This year, all awards will encompass all other communities as well.

    The Award Categories

    Most Feared Commander
    Who makes everyone tremble with fear when they face him in hotseats? Who is the best player in autoresolve hotseats?

    Most Competent Tactician
    Who can destroy numerous armies and factions in a single turn with a few good units? Who would you never dare to face in hotseat with manual battles allowed?

    Most Chivalrous Commander
    Who always keeps his promises and alliances? Who would rather die, than betray his ally?

    Most Devious Commander
    Who is the greatest betrayer? Who would do everything to win, including betraying his closest allies? Who would you never make an alliance with?

    Most Promising Newblood
    Who is the best new guy? Who was holding his own against other players in his first hotseats? Who learnt the hotseating art the fastest?

    Best Roleplayer
    Who puts realism and roleplay at first place, restricting himself to what his characters would do, instead of what might be better for his faction?

    Best Diplomat
    Who is the best at winning with the quill rather than the sword? Who can convince even his worst enemy to help him, or turn everyone against you?

    Best Hotseat Admin
    Who is the best administrator? Whose hotseats are you always looking forward to joining?

    How it works

    Each player can nominate up to three other players for each category.
    Use the nomination thread for each category for posting your nominations, polls will be added at a later time once nominations are tallied.
    You can nominate the same player for different awards, but you cannot nominate yourself.
    A player must receive 3 nominations to be included in the voting phase. Exceptions may be made depending on overall number of nominations, at the discretion of gaming staff.

    Nominations shall be open for a period of one week, with a voting period of one week to follow.

    This year the awards are open to all discord communities as well!

    Any verifiable discord hotseater who doesnt have a TWC account can participate in the final voting phase (nominations of people/players will be restricted to TWC only in this event.).
    Only those players, that have a TWC account and playing/played in any TWC hotseat in the last 6 months are eligible to be nominated.

    However all nominations and voting must be posted by you on TWC in relevant threads to be considered valid.


    Winners shall receive an awesome signature created by Art Staff and will get +50 rep.
    Runner ups will receive +25 and +10 reputation respectively.
    In the event of any member winning multiple categories will receive +25 rep aswell
    Lastly the winners of 1st place receive a special role on the Hub server in addition.

    Some things to remember:

    You can only nominate players who have played in a hotseat in TWC community in the last 6 months.
    Remember that it is not allowed to create new accounts and vote on yourself, if we detect this then you will be banned from the entire hotseat area forever.
    All players from all communities may participate.

    Rules and Regulation
    1: No self-nomination/voting. Self-votes/nominations will be discarded from the results.
    2: No creating secondary accounts to vote. We can and will detect this and act accordingly.
    3: For Most Promising Newblood a member is allowed to be nominated only if he has started hotseating after August 2019.
    4: The ruling of respective Gaming Staff on any matter related to the awards is final! If you've any questions, please feel free to contact us.
    5: Please keep this thread strictly for nominations only. If you have any questions or comments please post them in the Discussion Thread. Non-nomination posts will be deleted.

    Gaming Staff counsels civility. We allow (unlike many TWC site awards) expression of opinion on categories and/or reasons for ones decision but will not tolerate uncivil or outright insulting and/or demeaning behaviour. This freedom to discuss is a privilege that few if any TWC awards offer and is something that can and will be taken away if abused.

    Have fun and may the most worthy contenders win!

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    Default Re: 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Reserving first post. Will add nominations later


    Most Feared Commander: Potatoto, Mergor, General Dragon.

    Most Competent Tactician: kolu, Ramble12, General Dragon.

    Most Chivalrous Commander: PeaMan, paladinbob, TulkasTheValiant

    Most Devious Commander: captainnorway, Mergor, themzr

    Most Promising Newblood: Isenbard, Aexodus, Curtis Le May

    Best Roleplayer: paladinbob, Der Bose Wolf, CommodusIV

    Best Diplomat: Librarian, Mergor, zender9

    Best Hotseat Admin: General Dragon., Mergor, HouseStarkFTW
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    Default Re: 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Greedy bugger Jadlii

    Most Feared Commander: Mergor, CaptainNorway and Dragon

    Best admin: Jadlii (I guess)

    Most competent Tactician: Dragon, Mergor

    Most Chivalrous Commander: Kolu, dannyalex

    Most Promising Newblood: Curtis Le May (I think he started hotseating after august 2019), dannyalex

    Best roleplayer: PaladinBob of course.
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    Default Re: 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Most Feared Commander
    Mergor ,Dragon Ramble12

    Most Competent Tactician
    YTWM Ramble12 Mergor

    Most Chivalrous Commander
    Mergor Captain Norway Zenderx

    Most Devious Commander

    Most Promising Newblood
    possible Aexodus houseStark and Speeda325

    Best Roleplayer

    Best Diplomat

    Best Hotseat Admin
    Athelstan and dragon

    Maybe completely wrong but i am new in hs
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    Default Re: 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Most Feared Commander: Ramble12; RedStar; Epic Total War

    Most Competent Tactician: Ramble12; RedStar; Epic Total War

    Most Chivalrous Commander: PeaMan; Librarian

    Most Devious Commander: Dragon; YTWM

    Most Promising Newblood: Aexodus; Isenbard; DannyAlex

    Best Roleplayer: Paladinbob; captainnorway

    Best Diplomat: Epic Total War; Jadli

    Best Hotseat Admin: Jadli; Dragon
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    Default Re: 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Most Feared Commander: Ramble12, Redstar, Captainnorway

    Most Competent Tactician: Redstar, Ramble12, Epic Total War

    Most Chivalrous Commander: BerryKnight, Librarian

    Most Devious Commander: Mergor, Dragon, Epic Total War

    Most Promising Newblood: DannyAlex (if he is eligible)

    Best Roleplayer: Der Böse Wolf, Turkafinwe, Imperator Majora(CommodusIV)

    Best Diplomat: Mergor, Epic Total War, Jadli

    Best Hotseat Admin: Jadli

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    Default Re: 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Most Feared Commander: RedStar, Ramble

    Most Chivalrous Commander: PeaMen

    Most Devious Commander: General Dragon, Capt Norway, Hannibal

    Best Diplomat: Librarian, Jadli

    Best Hotseat Admin: Jadli, Mergor, Dragon
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    Default Re: 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Most Feared Commander: Epic Total War, Ramble12, Captainnorway

    Most Competent Tactician: Mergor, Jadli, Potato

    Most Chivalrous Commander: TBD

    Most Devious Commander: Berryknight, Epic Total War (Sorry guys )

    Most Promising Newblood: TBD

    Best Roleplayer: PaladinBob123, Turkafinwë, Arrow2daknee

    Best Diplomat: Librarian, Mergor, Jadli

    Best Hotseat Admin: General Dragon, Jadli, Mergor
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    Default Re: 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Since I'm not here for long and I know only guys from HUB and YTWM's discord, my votes are accordingly:

    Most Feared Commander: Ramble12

    Most Competent Tactician: /

    Most Chivalrous Commander: Jadli, DannyAlex

    Most Devious Commander: Epic, Mergor

    Most Promising Newblood: DannyAlex, Aexodus

    Best Roleplayer: /

    Best Diplomat: YTWM, Mergor,

    Best Hotseat Admin: Jadli, Mergor, YTWM (if he is admin in any HS in TWC )
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    Default Re: 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    I'm fairly new to both TWC and the Discord community so here are my nominations:

    Most Promising Newblood: DannyAlex, boernin, Aexodus

    Best Hotseat Admin: Jadli, DannyAlex, YTWM

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    Default Re: 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Might add more later

    Most Feared Commander: Ramble12, Zender9, Saleska2

    Most Competent Tactician: Ramble12, Epic Total War

    Most Chivalrous Commander: Saleska2, Peaman, Zender9

    Most Devious Commander: Dragon

    Most Promising Newblood: Black_Titan, DannyAlex, Curtis LeMay

    Best Roleplayer: PaladinBob

    Best Diplomat: LeP'titlu

    Best Hotseat Admin: HouseStarkFTW, Mergor

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    Default Re: 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Most Feared Comander: Epic
    Most chivalrous: Captain Norway
    newblood: Dannyalex, Danius_98, Rubenz
    Roleplay: LeP`titLu
    Best HS admin: DannyAlex, YTWM, Jadlicz
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    Default Re: 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Most Feared Commander: PeaMan, Ramble12

    Most Competent Tactician:
    Paladinbob, Ramble12, Zender

    Most Chivalrous Commander: Turkafinwe,
    Paladinbob, Imperator Majora (ex-Commodus)

    Most Devious Commander:

    Most Promising Newblood: -

    Best Roleplayer: Paladinbob;
    Turkafinwe, Imperator Majora (ex-Commodus)

    Best Diplomat: Zender

    Best Hotseat Admin: Jadli
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    Default Re: 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    its always hard to mark a judgement call on this particularly for me, as my time and scope to assess the candidates is mainly limited to the hotseats i am on [or am admining] ..but here goes...for my pennyworth.

    Most Feared Commander - for me , its still Ramble12 his dedication when he has time to do his thing, is still remarkable

    Most Competent Tactician - Hmm...i wll perhaps change here and perhaps say Mergor - remembering his performance on some of the RomeTw Hs turns[discord] and perhaps the black drake hs where he is doing well [winks]

    Most Chivalrous Commander - {definitely a hard one as most players have been so} gonna give this to Der Bose Wolf for some of his actions during the isles of chaos hs where he did behalf so, purely in character of the roleplaying

    Most Devious Commander - Havent seen much Devious Play apart perhaps from - Epic total war / backspace on the RomeTW hs where they between them , plotted well ,setting sides against each other

    Most Promising Newblood - i have seen many people returned to the fold {dannyalex,Imperator Majora [Commodus],housestarkftw,Turkafinwë ,zender9 } all that deserve a mention for returning to help-out in hotseats, but none of them perhaps are newbloods...So i will give it to Speeda325 i know is a newcommer and i have hopes for, with perhaps a little bias perhaps because of many ,many sieges on mtw2 i have played online with him with perhaps Isenbard as a second place & franciscousa [silmarillion]as a third place.

    Best Roleplayer -This is perhaps a difficult one to judge with many good pieces from those in the isles of chaos [Imperator Majora [Commodus],Der Bose Wolf ,Turkafinwë ,zender9] and also in warhammer [admiralthrawn] and also in the silmarillion[Turkafinwë,Arrow2daknee,General dragon,Adanedhel,isenbard,jadli,captain melon,Peaman] all who have done some sterling work..but after much thought i will go thus :-

    Turkafinwë , Der Bose Wolf, AdmiralThrawn

    Best Diplomat -i will go with Mergor here for his diplomatic efforts in the RomeTW hotseats....although i would place EpicTotal war second here

    Best Hotseat Admin - Always a differicult choice again with Mergor[especially on discord], GeneralDragon and Jadli who has returned with his usual boost of energy[winks] ..hmm i will give it to Dragon for the work on the Warhammer HS for that has been problemic at times,and needs much care....... GeneralDragon , Mergor , Jadli

    So in summary:-

    Most Feared Commander - Ramble12
    Most Competent Tactician - Mergor
    Most Chivalrous Commander - Der Bose Wolf
    Most Devious Commander - Epic Total War /Backspace
    Most Promising Newblood - Speeda325 , Isenbard , franciscousa
    Best Roleplayer - Turkafinwe , Der Bose Wolf , admiralThrawn
    Best Diplomat - Mergor , Epic Total war
    Best Hotseat Admin - GeneralDragon , Mergor , Jadli
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    Default Re: 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Bruh, my good diplomacy is getting called devious lol. I will do a lot to win but I've only once ever betrayed someone, Dragon. I would never betray a close ally (dragon was an ally of necessity) for victory but hey its your choice to nominate me

    Most Feared - Ramble
    Competent tactician- Jimmy Dude
    Chivalrous - Mergor (people naming him devious is also ridiculous lol, in my experience he doesn't care at all about winning compared to the overall experience and strategy. I trust no one more than him in making deals)
    Devious- Francisco22
    Newblood- Jimmy and DannyAlex
    Roleplay- as usual Bob
    Diplomat- Mergor
    Admin- YTWM hands down
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    Default Re: 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Most Feared Commander: Ramble12;

    Most Competent Tactician: Ramble12;

    Most Chivalrous Commander: Mergor;

    Most Devious Commander: BerryKnight;

    Most Promising Newblood: Francisco;

    Best Roleplayer: PaladinBob;

    Best Diplomat: Mergor;

    Best Hotseat Admin: Dragon;
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    Default Re: 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Most Feared Commander - Redstar, Epic Total War, Mergor. The only nomination where I can add 3 or 4 more people to the top 3 and still be equally nervous when I play against any of them. This is my personal top 3 from my past year's experience. The other honorable mentions would be Jimmy_dude, Francisco22, Kolu22 and many more inactive veterans..
    Most Competent Tactician - Epic Total War, Mergor, Redstar. Unfortunately I haven't played much manual hotseats lately. Though these guys will give a hell of a fight.
    Most Chivalrous Commander - Mergor, Dragon, BerryKnight. Haven't experienced any issues in cooperation with these guys ever. Would totally recommend them
    Most Devious Commander - Francisco22 (franciscousa), Saleska2. Can't name a third contender, but these two, they deserve it. Saleska betrayed me twice in a single hotseat for example! Never forget
    Most Promising Newblood - Francisco22 (franciscousa), Jimmy_dude, DannyAlex. My personal top 3 based on past year's experience playing with and against them.
    Best Roleplayer - AdmiralThrawn, Turkafinwë, Der Bose Wolf. Think Pbob will get enough nominations as it is. Besides him, these guys' RP is quite enjoyable when I have time to read it, keep it up!
    Best Diplomat - Mergor, Jadli, Francisco22 (franciscousa). All three of them can turn half of the map against you (Mergor proved it once and I am just sure the other two contenders can do the same). No matter the means they achieve it, they still can and that's why they are here.
    Best Hotseat Admin - Jadli, Mergor, YTWM. Jadli imo is the best TWC admin, and Mergor and YTWM are very active on discord and are always ready to help or just chime in.
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    Default Re: 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Most Feared Commander - Der Böse Wolf, General Dragon, PeaMan
    Most Chivalrous Commander - Der Böse Wolf
    Most Devious Commander - zender9 (England remembers )
    Most Promising Newblood - Isenbard, franciscousa
    Best Roleplayer - Der Böse Wolf, Imperator Majora, Arrow2daknee
    Best Diplomat - PeaMan, zender9
    Best Hotseat Admin - Mergor, Jadli

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    Default Re: 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Most Feared Commander - Ramble, RedStar, Mergor
    Most Competent Tactician - RedStar, Ramble, Francisco
    Most Chivalrous Commander - DannyAlex, Mergor, Nominal
    Most Devious Commander - EpicTW, Themzr, Rommyh
    Most Promising Newblood - DannyAlex, Nominal, Rommyh (if he counts)
    Best Roleplayer - Mergor, Francisco, DannyAlex
    Best Diplomat - Francisco, EpicTW, Mergor
    Best Hotseat Admin - Mergor, Jadli, Dragon

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    Default Re: 2019/20 Hotseat Awards: Nomination Thread

    Most Feared Commander - Ramble12, RedStar, Mergor
    Most Competent Tactician - Ramble12, Redstar, Mergor
    Most Chivalrous Commander - Peaman, Mergor, Jadli
    Most Devious Commander - Captainnorway, Potatoto, Epic Total War
    Most Promising Newblood - DannyAlex, Isenbard, Francisco
    Best Roleplayer - Turkafinwë, Der Bose Wolf, PaladinBob123
    Best Diplomat - Librarian, EpicTW, Mergor
    Best Hotseat Admin - Mergor, Jadli, YTWM

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