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Thread: I want to know much more about this game

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    Default I want to know much more about this game

    I am a total fan of this great game, from its mechanics, character stories and the well-kept universe in which the developers took their time to bring us, for that reason I have always wondered if there are add-on materials that expand this story, be it books, comics online or something like that, do you know something like that?

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    LOL this post made me think of someone going to the RTW forum and being like, hey this "Rome" is pretty cool, any more references to this "Rome" from the game?

    Anyway I suggest you start easy and go to wikipedia article to get a basic overview on the topic. Im sure someone here can offer something more specialized but I wouldn't read the Romance itself or books on it if you don't know anything about it.

    If you like TV shows there's a couple of them you can watch in youtube. Here's the link to the 2010, it's quite long.


    Basic historical context:

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